I hate Wolverine

March 30, 2009


Wolverine is the gayest, lamest, stupidest super hero ever, bar none. So, what? He has shiny claws. Ohhhh, and I forgot he is invincible. Which makes him boring. He was born of some completely absurd military experiment. Big fucking deal.

Why anyone gives a shit about this character, I don’t know? And now Wolverine, genesis or whatever its fucking called. Trailers not bad,  but give me a break, the character has the depth of a box of Kleenex and is just plain unbelievable and silly

Hugh Jackman what are you doing (pay check excluded)?

Wolverine is suited for limpid assholes like this guy (below) to imitate and run around behaving like a total fool.

Wolverine, fuck off. Hollywood start making better big budget Blockbusters, rather than regurgitate this luke warm shit. Same the new  Mc G Terminator sequel. Any director who calls himself “Mc G” should be fucking shot.


In what looks like a sequel to the similar case in Austria, an Italian scumbag, Michele Mongelli, has been with his daughter “ala a Fritzl”, for nigh on 25 years.  See shocking story here.

Here is a photo of Michele Mongelli (below), such a handsome man…

These news stories reveal the on going clandestine continuance of one of the worlds nastier hidden secrets, incestuous sexual abuse. This is something that most experts in the field say was reasonably wide spread in our (so called) civilised society, until only recently. For example, did you know Freud’s original Oedipus theories derived from his observation of Victorian and Edwardian women’s tales of incest and sex abuse, that he decided to reconceive as an unconscious desire and drive (!), rather than acknowledge it as evidence of wide spread incest abuse. Anti Oedipus, indeed.


This blog deals with some dark and tricky subjects on occasion and sometimes its good to reflect on some people who are pretty cool and reveal another aspect of being. One such person is Ex-Python Michael Palin. I have had his autobiography by my bed for around a year now slowly reading it. I read about ten books at once for some reason. Some on fast rotation, i.e. Platform by Michel Houellebecq, about five days. Some take a few weeks (most novels) some take two months (philosophical works). This pile is constantly changing. But, Palin’s Python diaries have been there longest in my recent group, on the slow burn, 20 to 40 pages a month. I’m 2/3 rds of the way in. What a charming civilised human being Palin is. The book has an existential humanity that comes across in Palin’s notations on his most creative decade. The stories of the other Python’s are classic, and so too the tales of the creation and genesis of The Flying Circus, Ripping Yarns, Life of Brian and other classic works.

The world can be a dark place, but sometimes you realize it isn’t always that way and chaps like Micheal Palin, to my mind, is one of the reasons why. I like this guy, I even like his daft but sincere travel series when its on television.

He really seems like the rarest of sorts, a really nice, charming and genuine human being.

Mr. Palin, Idea Fix salutes you!


Here is the trailer to the new Quentin Tarantino movie, “Inglorious Basterds”.

It looks to be quite a hoot.

I have read the script, and I’d say apart from the surface humour and gratuitous violence and action sequences, this is Tarantino’s most political and serious movie to date.

From the script and the trailer Tarantino has created an ode to Nazi violence. As Aldo Ray says in the trailer, the Basterds are going to echo the brutality of the Nazi’s… to defeat them. They are going to make the Germans fear them through a mirror of terror. The Basterds are a group of Jewish soldiers (with echo’s of the coming Israeli’s, i.e. the leering Eli Roth) trained to commit violent atrocities against the Germans. So, the message is: the Jews only mistake in WW2 is not to have become radical and brutal like the Nazi’s in the lead up to or during ww2. Tarantino is siding, controversially, thereby with Nazi tactics and Nazism conceived in its essence.

The film has a strong Bush era message when its applied to today’s terrorism. Its implied the way to defeat Islamic Fundamentalist terror is through one’s own. And Tarantino suggests a violence far more terrifying than any Guantanamo Bay.

It’s safe to say Tarantino is some form of fascist. Regardless of his hip pop culture odes to Jewish and African American characters. His vision of these communities is always one of Sorelian Violence, and ‘kampf’ – struggle.

He is providing a historical revisionist theory of ww2, too, one that focuses on allied atrocities. This is a historical trend whose largest adherents are in contemporary Germany. This historical trend best explicated in books like “Other Losses” and “German’s as Victims” focuses on the forcing of Germans to reject the Treaty of Versailles, thus creating Hitler and pushing Germany toward another war, the allied bombing atrocities of  German cities like Dresden, and Hirsoshima, the forced murder of returned German soldiers in camps in the East and the post WW2 resettlement programs of Germans that followed the war. While taking his usual savy pop culture sensibility trip on WW2, Tarantino seems to be hiding a more serous movie underneath.

The script contains classic scenes about the Nazi’s themselves that will be rather controversial, and also has Tarantino’s usual discussions of cinema trivia. Only this time its Goebbels Nazi cinema, 1933 – 1945! Oh, Goebbels is in the script, by the way. So, too Hitler. Could this start a trend to see the re-release of hard to obtain Nazi cinema, Naziploitation, like Jackie Brown did for Blaxploitation? It all remains to be seen, Mein Gott…

The Hitler, “Nein, nein, nein” in the trailer is pretty funny, too. I’m looking forward to Tarantino’s brutal Nazi minimum.

In a story that is mind boggling in the current world climate T-Shirts have been made and given to the Israeli army, recommending the shooting of women, children, and even pregnant mothers! See article here.

Current Israeli behaviour is nothing like the Nazi’s, come on!

The article says that the T-shirts, “make light of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers and children and include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques.” Make light!?  No, these T Shirts out right recommend and promote the action amongst soldiers. These T Shirts therefor promote and make a gag out of war crimes. Funny haha, as in, “… as if any Israeli will ever be prosecuted for war crimes?”.

Would the US Government allow soldiers to receive T Shirts from anyone that recommend the killing of women and children in Iraq or Afghanistan? No. And if they did, the shit would hit the motherfucking fan.

Did the Nazi’s ever have attire declaring their homicidal desire. No.

This is totally wack. How do they get away with it? Oh, hang on a minute, what am I saying…

One of the T-shirts suggests a form of genocidal eugenics, just read this from the article above, “Perhaps the most shocking design shows a Palestinian mother weeping next to her dead baby’s grave, also in the cross hairs of a rifle. It suggests it would have been better if the child had never been born, with the slogan “Better use Durex”. It also suggests she should be shot for not wearing Durex. Charming.

I mean, I’m all for a strong Israel, but this is getting a little out of hand, no? On the heels of the recent Gaza war crimes, one has to ask the question, can anyone stand up to this small rogue state and get it to pull its head in a little? Again, the answer, No.



Phantom of Pulp wrote this in response to my post about AIG (below):

The most sickening thing is that the non-rich are keeping the rich afloat now.

Companies unable to compete in a so-called Capitalist system should be allowed to fail. It is a myth that AIG’s failure will have a catastrophic effect on the world.

What AIG’s failure will do is have a catastrophic effect on the wealth of wealthy people.

American Motors failed and disappeared. Why shouldn’t GM?

Picking winners and losers is communistic.

I’m sure the Chinese are grinning smugly at what’s happening… and who can blame them?

I wrote a fairly detailed response so thought I’d put it as a main post.  The text follows:

Phantom always a pleasure to have you commenting…

Ayn Rand could not have put it better herself. It seems the Capitalists are deserting their own values, as their ship goes down.

Unfortunately, the Capitalist system while it has served mankind in the 20th century to some extent as a mobilising force, raising standards of living world wide in the West, and even having spill over effects into the 2nd and 3rd Worlds. Its built on foundations that guarantee eventual collapse, i.e. Fed Reserve systems, the Int. Banking apparatus, too much wealth in the hands of the wealthy, globalisation, greed and usury, etc.

This bail out is what you say it is, the non- rich are now helping the rich, by their puppets in our so called democracy, in a perversely socialist way. That’s Obama in a nutshell, Big Capital’s friendly face, to hide the scam.

Are we not living in a democracy, supposedly? When did this plutocracy of rich International bankers and swine take over the very House of our Being? The 80’s I would suggest.

As a Transcendental Fascist I look forward to a Phoenix rising from the ruins of this end State Capitalism. Fascism is the only option left on the table, as I have stated on odd occasions. It protects and maintains Western civilisation, and has its own theories of individualism, vitalism and productivity. It also does not need to reflect the racism of Nazism, and can work as well in Asia, Sth America or Africa, as it can in the West. It also need not be as totalitarian as it has in the past. An right wing anarchism (Transcendental Fascism) can be a force for salvation and liberation in our tired times…

It is partly socialist, i.e. State interference, in its opposition to usury, and capable of building a stable currency based on productivity, labour and a recognisable standard of currency. Just look at Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet and Hitler’s regimes economically. All very sound, out of a crisis just like our own. Fascist’s transcend economics by a mythological sense of mission and national programs, amongst other methods. In the end money is of a value a National or International Government decides that it is worth. Simple really. It’s a completely illusionary force. And these failed companies can simply be acquired, and taken over, and made to work for the people when they fail.

The ones that work can continue to do so independently. The failed ones become state run.

While having socialist leanings a transcendental fascism is not stupid enough to want to liberate the Fanonian ‘Wretched of the Earth’ or end concepts of order and hierarchy. To do so, if the Communists where given the chance, would only despoil whatever is left of our fragile planet.  Through methods like over population, pollution/global warming, and inevitable resource depletion. These are the three major threats to humanity as a whole, and communists would err on the wrong side of the leger through their absurd ideology, even quicker than the Capitalists. The era of equality is over. It’s an untenable philosophical system. It threatens all of us. Like a life boat, and everyone on a ship jumping on it. Result, we all drown. The world is full of inequality, always has been. We should just embrace and accept it, and find the appropriate leaders, and dynamic elites not just based around money, for every nation. We should build as many life boats as possible and that are sustainable, and help decide who goes on them. It’s a tough decision, certainly, forced on us by technological expediency and progress beyond our control. The technological genie is out of the bottle, and its not going back. Its created such vast inequalities of civilisation its not even worth going into. But, that’s another issue….for another post.
We will have enough trouble roping in and suppressing the West’s hidden enemies in the 21st century, i.e. India and China. Russia could maybe help this situation for us, and the rising fascism there is a hopeful sign ‘o the times.

The people who complain now about the world economic collapse are all the little greedy piggy’s who have profited by playing the system, and who are worried about their millions going down the gurgler. Is the normal worker, or even middle class bureaucrat, affected by this crisis, as yet? No… not until more jobs are lost, or the system completely collapses. Now, is the time to act and seize power from the Capitalists, before a full blown Depression descends in the next three years.

As to the little piggy’s, perhaps we can be inspired by the poetry of music. I’m reminded of an album title from Death in June, a friend’s band. What was that album title? “All Pigs must die”. All is a bit extreme, but some might be a necessary passage to the revolutionary act of saving Western civilisation.

It sounds like a 70’s disaster movie does it not?

“The company that could bankrupt the world” Suggested cast: David Paymer as Joseph “the Weasel” Cassano, Will Smith as President Barack Obama, Clint Eastwood as Hank Greenberg, Ed Harris as Ed Liddy, Tommy Lee Jones as Martin Sullivan. Ollie Stone could direct. Everyone else gets to be an extra as we all go down the tubes together.

The more I read about this economic crisis and second Depression, the more I can hardly comprehend the scams, schemes and swindlings of a gang of clearly criminal assholes that have ruined the world economy. As Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys said in an interview I read today, something like, “This decade makes the 80’s “me” and “money” decade look infinitesimal by comparison”. In other words this decade makes the 80’s look laid back, selfless and hippy in retrospect. This is something I have noticed, and something that comes out in my adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned.

The greed of corporate CEO’s is astronomical and their tactics enough to make Machiavelli blush. When finished, they sign themselves golden parachutes of millions of dollars as they jump ship from their various Titanics, taking with them stolen loot (millions), enough to survive a Depression, no matter how bad it gets.

The AIG crisis and the bailing out of companies like this is absurd. It rewards crooks and criminality. But the mainstream West feels it has little option but to maintain the corrupt system. All this may not avoid the eventual collapse of precious later day Capitalism, anyway. Forget Al Qaeda, America has its own home grown terrorists on Wall Street that will destroy more lives than Osama Bin Laden could on a good day armed with American military weapons.

In the meantime, the train wreak of Western Civilisation trundles on, barely…Ho hum.

Joe Cassano (below) has done his bit, he bet it all on the crooked Casino that is Wall Street and lost, baby, Big time. In Vegas they would have buried him in a hole in the desert. Instead, that’s where our economy is headed…down a black hole.


Have you seen the latest snake oil campaigns promoting multiculturism? Yes, they show people from all over the world, who now live in Australia, and who are about as true blue as a Hajib, curry or zulu war mask.

You know its bullshit when you see ads like these. You know the real reason for these ads is that during the present time of economic crisis pressure is going to be placed onto the issue of immigration and jobs. You know these ads are supposed to support the lie of multicultural harmony.

This weeks front page of The Age, Rudd says he is reducing immigration of skilled labour to save jobs. If Howard or Hanson suggest this they are racist. But when Rudd does it, it’s AOK. Ah, the naivety…

We all know ethnic groups, as The Combination amply demonstrated recently on screen, are cliquey, non communicative, hostile and are often intolerant and dislike ‘othernesss’. Rather than bring people together, multiculturism pulls people apart, it divides a community, particurly the working class. The real target of such policies, I suggest. This attack on working class unity from forced multiculturism we have had in Oz since the 70’s, when the Left posed a real threat. The Left has even been duped to promote and accept the Capitalist scheme…

Sure at an art or film festival opening we are all ‘equal’. Within the cultural elite, everything is hunky dory. I know this from polite bourgeois experience. But, tell this message to the gangs and youths on our streets who are involved in ethnic clashes every day on trains and trams or in schools or clubs. Tell it to the communities who have many people who never even bother to learn English and therefore cannot even communicate with mainstream Australia. Tell this to the ethnic criminal crews and hoods.

It’s all 1 community, right? From where I sit its 0 community…

I’m not against a limited organic multiculturism, I just don’t like it as forced policy. The conservative critic in me can’t help feel the same way TS Eliot did, and that is people should by and large stay where they were born.

Perversely the ‘stay where your were born’ policy preserves communities, and maintains ethnic identity and culture. No immigrant, no matter how hard they try, are able to maintain their cultural and ethnic identities. And, so too Australia’s traditional identity, since it was founded as a nation, is radically changed.

Now, we represent one giant mixed waste land. A nowhere place. A handful of dust. A land led by empty straw filled Hollow men, as the new Working Dog ABC show demonstrated.

We are not fully at dystopia yet, but these bullshit ads, want us there sooner. They want fragmentation to spread further, so the political opportunities presented by this economic collapse, are not seized upon.

I for one don’t buy what these ads are selling…and really, in your heart of hearts, do you?

I know all the arguments in favour of PC multiculturism, I know we are all immigrants and that Aborigines are the only true Australians, blah, blah, blah. I’m not stupid. But, this is all surface PC crap hiding a deeper disharmony and discontent, that lies barely hidden underneath the surface of our lucky cuntry.

Here are some of the ads. As usual comments, and debate are welcome.


Censorship Australialus

March 19, 2009

Marc Fennell, Australian Triple J film journalist, posted a facebook post about internet censorship. In the article he linked to, it informed the curious how to access the Australian ‘black list’ for suggested internet filtering.

Internet blocking technology has been pushed by the so called libertarian Labour Rudd government, since it got in government in 2007. Even though it will slow and hinder the internet for everyone. The Australian Communications and Media Authority has a ‘black list’ of sites that can be found on the site wikileaks. I’m not linking to it, as it could be illegal in Australia to do so. Wikileaks also has a banned list of sites from Thailand, Denmark, etc., plus many other leaked documents from totalitarian governments around the world. It is obviously an important site. I had a brief look. And brief it was, read on…

I visited wikileaks to see the Oz list and did so, when I tried to go back to look at the political censorship content, and the Denmark and Thailand lists, low and behold, I was not able to, I was blocked. So, it appears the system is already well in place!

I do not recommend publishing the list due to legal, and other reasons, but can understand people who feel differently. Either way the list should be sent to censorship and freedom of speech advocates and campaigners in Australia, who can examine it. Here are two articles on the new Australian Internet censorship crisis, see here and here.

These censors are idiots. This list will also escape now, and perversely it will provide information on the very things these internet censors hope to hide…

A cursory glance at the Australian list’s domain names seems to reveal what the article linked to above states, “…half of the sites on the list are not related to child porn and include a slew of online poker sites, YouTube links, regular gay and straight porn sites, Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, websites of fringe religions such as satanic sites, fetish sites, Christian sites, the website of a tour operator and even a Queensland dentist.”

That fact that gay sites, fringe religions, normal fetish sites, etc., and even dentists (!) are on the list is disturbing, and typical of this kind of list. I’m sure other forms of unpopular speech will their find their way onto the list in the future, also. One must be vigilant in times like these to keep free speech alive. Australian’s who believe in freedom of speech must fight these new forms of censorship now, and its important to be informed about what exactly censors are censoring.

I welcome your opinions on this issue.

Yes, it appears wikileaks, an information site about censorship and politics, is banned too! Quote from wikileaks: “The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship.” George Orwell eat your heart out. See article here.


This looks shit hot! Nicolas Winding Refn is the genius who made the amazing Pusher trilogy from Denmark. He returns with a bang. It looks like “The Wrestler” but on PCP and crack. In fact it looks totally original and classic.

Fun fact/coincidence: Notice the credit “A Clockwork Orange for the 21st Century” in the trailer. Then check the “Pearls Before Swine” US DVD cover from 2003 for the same quote, but about my film from Danish film critic Jorn Rossing Jensen.