Hell 25 Censored version
Richard Masters presents
The Hellfire Club 25th Anniversary
Friday March 16
Royal Melbourne Hotel
The Infamous Melbourne Hellfire Club Returns! Possibly the most Notorious theme night in Australian night club History returns for a Special 25th Anniversary Event at The Royal Melbourne Hotel, which is the PERFECT venue for it’s auspicious return with cells – and plenty of cool open and even some special hidden spaces.
On the night the venue will be decked out in the play areas like a Spanish Inquisition Torture Chamber – with the famous Hellfire rack – and few of the old Masters and Mistresses back to whip, spank and flog the punters, and supervise the play areas, where others can play together.
The Dance floor will be overseen like some of the original DJ’s like David Thrussell, Andrew Till and Arlen Da Silva ! The unholy trinity of Electronic Dance Music is back!
Add to this a selection of Burlesque performances, other shows to delight and entice & you have the perfect mid March recipe for mayhem and mischief.
Tickets can be pre booked here at https://triniq.com/hellfire – 25 early bird and members to Feb 28 and 35$ after and on the Door.
So, for all the Gen Y’ers and Gen Z’s old enough to attend who have NEVER been to a Hellfire Event, now is your chance. All those Gen X’er’s and such from the good old days, come along and get out that wild ol’ outfit to cause trouble and have a great time.
Straight, kinky, gay, trans, whatever floats ya boat – Hellfire Welcomes all! Just like in the groundbreaking good ol days.
The Hellfire Club – 25th Anniversary Event
Friday March 16
at Royal Melbourne Hotel,
629 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000. (03) 9629 2400.
Hellfire – a Psychtronic Hardcore Experience –
Hellfire Back Details

My latest narrative feature The Second Coming – Volume One – I decided to gift to the world when Donald Trump won. Here it is on my blog. It stars Micheal Tierney, Gene Gregorits, Boyd Rice,  Jerome Alexandre, Kristen Condon, Pete Doherty, Nina Antonia, Jason Mac, Jesse Merlin, William Margold and Kim Fowley.




One of my favourite shots from The Second Coming Volume One. Justin Gene Gregorits as Gene Ferry on Venice Beach – Toasts the Abyss.


Boyd Sec ComePete DohertyKim Sec Com

Well it’s been a Big Week. So without Further Ado Here is the Official Full Trailer for The Second Coming – Volume One. Starring Micheal Tierney, Justin Gene Gregorits, Boyd Rice / Non (official) Jerome Alexandre Peter Doherty Nina Antonia Kim Fowley Kristen Condon Jesse Merlin Jason เด็กแนว Mac Karin Buchbinder Michael Lib William Margold Larry Wessel and many others. Check it out – It will play festivals this year and be on on DVD soon after. – “What Rough Beast Sloucheth Toward Bethlehem to Be Born” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ2rbQLyBWk

Kristen Sec ComNinaGene G Sec Com1A6


Tonight on Channel 31 (44 on the Dial) – The Star Chamber has it’s Australian TV Network Premiere. Father Bob McGuire, Richard Lowenstein David Thrussell and my good self sort through the debates about religion and theology, the new atheism and the whole nexus of issues that surround this metaphysical rubric of thought and contemplation. Switch on from Midnight Tonight! The Witching Hour the next few weeks is going to be Star Chamber time on Channel 31. Get in to It!



What an elaborate and ornate pile of horse shit this was. The new Wachowski movie is to be honest a complete mess. The Universe is ruled by an Uber Intergalactic Royal family – of sorts – like some demented fashion house out of Milan – named Abraxas (reading Boyd Rice have they?) – made up of two faggy brothers who are the non threatening villains and one demented sister who wants to stay looking young forever. They secretly rule and keep Earth around – only to harvest us all for some youth serum – ala Space Vampires – or some other such rubbish. Along comes interstellar faggy space hunk Channing Tatum (who else?) with gay magic shoes to save some toilet cleaner from Russia who is REALLY an interstellar Princess, then Sean Bean turns up who used to have a pair of gay magic wings, on and on the fey exposition goes. You could not invent a more stupid story if you tried, really. It’s all lavishly done, of course – not without some style and pazazz at times – with nods to Dune (Lynch and Jodorowski’s versions) and Gilliam’s Brazil (with a cameo from Gilliam himself), etc. But it all just feels like a gigantic and uber decadent complete waste of time – both theirs and the audiences. Not a lot of fun to watch and drowning in the over use of CGI. I mean it’s almost a perfect example of contemporary Hollywood excess and decadence – that in the end does not really work or hold together. And it’s been a flop too. So there that is. Must of cost more to make than the Gross National Product of some small countries. The Wachowski’s have been off the boil even since Larry had the chop and became Lana. The film in essence lacks balls. hehe. It’s all so confusing – like their convoluted plots. Anyway, mad fans of The Matrix and their other films may like it. I did not – but it was worth seeing.


10933804_10152657317663753_7917136612476803890_nTop Ten (to Twenty) films of 2014 – in a rough order * –


Gone Girl

Under The Skin

Inherent Vice


Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla


The Babadook

The Drop

The Unknown Known

An Additional Ten Favourites – in a rough order * –

Under a Kaleidoscope

Edge of Tomorrow


Particle Fever

The Trip To Italy

The Captive

Mistaken for Strangers

Start Options Exit

Cold In July

Jodorwoski’s Dune

(Honourable mentions: Blue Ruin , 10,000 Days on Earth, Leviathan – a couple more to come here)



Just back from Particle Fever.

The more I learn about the Materialist Science’s current situation the more I am reminded of a Metaphysical Religion. The deeper and deeper they reach in to the basics of particle physics the further and further away the goals and models they seek seem to go. The discovery of the Higgs Boson was a major recent breaktrough and based on it’s weight point to two new theories: SuperSymmetry and the Multiverse. Apparently apart from the incredible chances of life evolving on Earth there is also a the Cosmological Constant that is like 10 Billion Billion etc – a lot of 0’s basically – that holds the Universe together. This number is apparently random, and if it was not this exact number or very close to it Nothing would exist at all. These Scientists are all desperate to avoid the Logical Conclusion that someone SET this number and holds the Universe together along with made Life and guided its Evolving and the countless other 10 Trillion to one things that have happened to give us our present Life on Earth situation. The scientists antics play out like a desperate Samuel Beckett play as they wait on Data from this Monstrous Abyss of a Machine they have created – that even when supplied with precious New Data only further pushes and pushes their required answers deeper and deeper in to an inscrutable metaphysics. This is a great film to see for many reasons – one of them being the seeming Failure of Science to fully explain The Universe – and the hidden Turn back to Theology mystery and complex interplay of a materialist and metaphysical world view.

Welcome to MUFF 15 folks!

This year has been a real struggle, juggling my own busy film career and running this festival – but, hey, no rest for the wicked, right?
First, I’m here to spread the good news! The Rebel Film Festival par excellence The Melbourne Underground Film Festival is back. Sept 12 to 19 at Backlot Cinemas – our great new venue – and future home (we hope!). We are laying on you wild new Indy Cinema – features and shorts – from both here and abroad. We aim to put the Free Spirit back in to the Contemporary Cinema scene. The Theme is Evolve or Die – the Evolution of the New Cinema – out of the Death of Film and the old paradigm – and that’s what we are about. Times are tough but through innovation great things can happen. Though we still LOVE Film, of course, and applaud the efforts of Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and others who protect it’s flame.

But for now -MUFF 15 coming at you

A bit about us: MUFF is an independent film festival running since 2000 that supports Indy, Guerrilla, micro budget, underground and avant garde cinema. It has a nationalist focus on local Australian movies with some overseas material and tries to foster a Second Renaissance in Australian independent cinema – like that of the 1970’s. It applauds genre, transgressive and aggressive genre film making, embracing controversy and flying in the face of Political Correctness at times.

We have a great selection of films that speaks for itself. From Chris Mitchell’s wonderful Start Options Exit on Opening Night through to Stuart Simpson’s confronting and innovative Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla on Closing Night. With over 50 other films in between. So get in to it!

Best Regards,

Richard Wolstencroft
MUFF Festival Director

P.S. The MUFF Retrospectives of cult and genre cinema of the past – that we normally program – will happen at Earthcore 2014 at a Special Outdoor Cinema from Nov 27 to Dec 1 – therefor happening outside the body of the main festival. We have a truly mad, mind bending and wild selection of cinema we’re arranging – incl past MUFF hits from our whole 15 years. The Earthcore/MUFF Special Event Program will be on the MUFF website soon – and will be a must see movie marathon and great addition to this years Earthcore Event.


on Her. (some mild spoilers): This vacant and deeply solipsistic movie seems like it was dreamed up inside the head of the gadget departments at Apple and Google. It feels like an aspirational style ad for a New Operating System that you can fully interact with. “Like WOW Consumers!” This is fine, sure… but pointless as a feature film. The film rolls out along these lines and then, somehow, goes awry after about 90 minutes and has a kind of soppy, bummer ending. It is in (virtual) reality the fourth film of the much lauded cinematic wunderkind, Spike Jonze. It has received much, almost universal praise from mainstream press and critics – like it is a new film from a recently resurrected Stanley Kubrick. But sadly this is not the case. It is the empty and dull story of a man called Theodore Twombly, who is a dickless nobody who writes greeting cards and letters and lives in some ‘five minutes in to the future’ version of LA/Malaysia. Ted instead of jerking off to net porn and dating a real human being gets some new OS from Apple or Google (Coming Soon for just 666.66$) and then falls in love with it. One hour of pointless navel gazing follows where you want to walk up to Joaquin Phoenix or Spike Jonza, slap their faces and demand they read the works of Martin Heidegger or Friedrich Nietzsche. Audio book versions for Spike Jonze as, apparently, he ‘doesn’t read’. Then it descends in to the aforementioned tawdry melodrama – The End. We saw this before with Andrew Nichols (flop) film SimOne from the early 00’s and this is the rehash. Has a subplot riffing on Jonze’s break up with Sofia Coppola – that seems to be about the only ‘real thing’ in this movie. The mise en scene and locations are impressive and original, that is only stand out aspect of this film I can give it praise for, but it is all just background. This film is, at it’s core, just a lame ass Romance Movie about a guy falling in love with his latest AI iPhone (available in the lobby 999.99$). That’s all. That’s it. That’s supposed to be profound. It’s not. It’s empty as the phone you have in your hand right now, and the lives many of us all revolve around it. It’s also meant to be some supposed critique of our technological isolation and loneliness. It does touch on this theme, but does so in a way that totally sells this lifestyle, also. The film is insidious in it’s embrace of this atomized lonely world of technological solipsism – even if it also acknowledges some down sides in the small print. No doubt fixable by some new individualizing app! Overall I found Her a trite and unsatisfying light sci fi romance romp for the hand gadget obsessed and alone, New Gen worker clones. Not unpleasant to watch, it washes over you in a quiet way – but a sense of cinematic dread and despair also fills you as the 2 hours of this film play themselves out, as you realize, people really do LOVE this SHIT and are that shalllow. Download that, suckers.