The Austrian Government is planning a tourist campaign to clean up Austria’s image, after that discovery of one of the creepiest news stories of the year. See here. Yes, that woeful tale of the father Josef Fritzl keeping his daughter Elisabeth prisoner in a dungeon for 20 years, and having children by her. Utterly grotesque. Following on from a similar sick tale here in Australia on 60 minutes, recently… without the coercion and dungeon part.

We at Idea Fix would like to suggest a few slogans for the Austrian Tourist Board, free of charge, our favorite is above.

Others include:

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Incest

Oedipus Schmedipus: Come to Funny Austria

Amstetten on You!

Austria: Where families stick together

Austrians: We aren’t all a bunch of sick daughter raping perverts

Austria: We want to Anschluss You!

Ahh, I could go on all day…

Bring back the Noose?

April 30, 2008

Career crim Leigh Robinson killed a women 40 years ago, was released from the clink and just did it again. He was spared the hangman’s black touch, back when the world was listening to all that humanistic claptrap about reforming prisoners. He was spared a snapped neck by then Victorian Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe, who posthumously has blood on his hands it seems. Was the wisdom of the hangman the best way to go with this charming fellow? With Robinson’s first offence (at age 20) leniency was probably best…but not in hindsight. But hindsight always has 20/20 vision

But what about, now? I’m not normally a supporter of the death penalty, but in clear cases of premeditated murder, particularly second murder offences like this, its appeal is hard to ‘die-ny’.

Thoughts, people?

See here for story.

It had to be a Liberal MP, didn’t it? They just love the aroma of fresh pussy.

Well, WA Liberal Opposition Leader Troy Buswell sure did. He was buzzing a few years back as he tried to distinguish the scent of female (twice!) off a lady colleagues seat, after her derriere had graced the warm leather surface.

Now, I’m no prude and good luck to Buswell really! But in all my years as a self confessed pervert and proprietor of an S&M nightclub, I have never had the urge to smell the seat of a chair after a female friend or associate had been sitting on it.

But Troy Buswell has the nose that knows. He just loves that smell of pussy chair in the morning.

See here.

And laugh. Whats next? Brendan Nelson shrimping the feet of Liberal secretary’s?

Here is a chair just waiting for Mr Buswell’s acute olfacation.

Two fun stills one from McLintock with John Wayne whaling the hide off Maureen O’Hara and another from an unknown Werstern keeping up the cowboy spanking theme.

Ah, the good old days…

Any idea of what film the later is from, Idea Fix readers?

I was interviewed a few months back by journalist Rebecca Harkins Cross. Her article is featured in the current issue of Filmink magazine (out now). Its all about the state of play in the Australian Censorship debates and related Freedom of Speech issues.

Since last year’s banning of seven films by the OFLC, I have been formulating and researching a paper on the issue of Australian Censorship. It is to be delivered at MUFF 9’s Academy, with our own debate to follow after it’s delivery. Hopefully, we can record this debate on video.

Harkins Cross’ article in Filmink starts with an interesting layman’s introduction to censorship in Australia with interviews with the likes of David Haines famous porn producer (of “Buffy Down Under”) and ex-censor. The absurdity of different government bodies at State and Federal levels creating excess bureaucracy is covered, all eventually falling under the aegis of The OFLC.

Megan Spencer is quoted as an anti censorship campaigner, though her actual credentials in this area go little beyond the spoken or written word. Margaret Pomeranz, who staged the cool (though, unsuccessful) civil disobedience screening of Larry Clark’s masterpiece Ken Park is also quoted well, condemning censorship. David Stratton is also revealed as an anti censorship campaigner from his days at the SFF, also covered in his new ‘golden showers’ titled book “I Peed on Fellini”

In the article, I talk about the attempted David Irving MUFF screening separating the true anti-censorship campaigners – from those who just want to un-censor the work of those they admire – which raises the important (and divisive) issue of unpopular speech. Harkins Cross also reports on MUFF’s civil disobedience success with a Tony Comstock illegal screening a few years back and our history in this area. She forgets to mention MUFF has had films banned almost ever single year by the fucking wowsers at the OFLC and we even had censorship/banned films as our theme at MUFF 2. Most stuff we want to play at MUFF, of a sexual nature, is classic 70’s porn. Most of it is tame, has artistic merit and funny classic kitsch value. All the while, X rated films (supposedly illegal) are for sale everywhere at all sex shops in Melbourne and Sydney. Why is the law enforced at MUFF and not in sex shops Australia wide, we asked at MUFF 8? To no answer, by the way…

Not covered in the article either is details of the banning of 70K, a documentary by and about Melbourne Graffiti artists from MUFF 8. This is the height of the Nanny State in my eyes!

Also, Harkins Cross doesn’t fully explore the internet making mute the issue of censorship debates. From any internet terminal you can download images and movies from hard core and S&M porn and just about anything else from the weird world of sexuality. The pornucopia and freedom of the internet makes the idea of censorship void and just like the sage words of former censor, turned porn producer David Haines, “… like putting a finger in the dam”.

The usual idiots at Family Associations are quoted and they can take their Christian ethics and move back to the Middle ages with the Muslims, if they like. They are all sheep fast asleep, reproducing the prole’s and world polluters of tomorrow. But some of us are awake, in the ‘now’ and seek libertine freedoms beyond mere Christian ethics. And since what one does in one’s own home or in one’s own time is one’s own business, Family Groups should stick, like Jesus said, to “going forth and multiplying”, while others face the exciting realities of the modern world, uncensored.

In some good news, the OFLC has recently been disbanded and made into a classification body, as suggested 3 years ago in the MUFF manifesto see article 31 here.

What the new bodies will mean all depends on the enforcement issue. In this supposed enlightened Rudd State surely a bit of Blair style leniency and promiscuity should be encouraged?

Do you know we can’t make porn films legally here in this country?

Tom McEvoy and Anna Brownfield should also have been interviewed about their ground breaking cinematic work for the censorship article.

All round though, Harkins Cross’ article is good, informative and timely, fore running a much needed public debate at, say, one of the larger film festivals, to bring this issue into the foreground of the film community, where it needs to be.

In an interesting development covered in the Filmink article, the Sydney Film Festival has been granted an exemption to play refused classification works from the Attorney General. That is great news. Does that apply to MIFF and MUFF in Victoria, as well, we wonder? I intend to program some appropriately interesting films at MUFF 9 to find out. Along, with what I hope will be my magisterial anti censorship document and forum. This should all go towards furthering and expanding the censorship debate in Oz, don’t you think?

If anyone knows how to attach a pdf her at WordPress, post a comment and let me know.

Just to be naughty, here are three images – that took me five minutes to download from the net – that all break the stupid censorship laws in this country. The images are of penetrative sex, spanking and bondage. If these images are not to your taste or not what you’d like to defend – maybe stay out of the censorship debate. And, keep in mind, porn is only one avenue of the complex censorship issue.

Now, if your country went from this to this (see below) in just 60 years, how would you feel?

Not even the US has the cheek to do this to the Iraqi people. Can you imagine if they tried to move all Iraqi’s into similar small areas and enclaves. There be a little more than an incursion, I’d say. And rightfully, so too.

I’m a fan of Israel and a Jewish homeland. But this expansion seems a tad excessive and should have scant truck with the International community and UN. Surely, Jewish colonial exercises could be expanded to other parts of the world (ala The British Empire), that would welcome their infrastructure, investment and civilization. Some areas in Africa, Asia and various under developed Islands could be perfect locations for Israeli colonies.

But maybe, give a little land and autonomy back to the Palestinians first. Is that unreasonable?

The Flame of Hate

April 26, 2008

This Olympic torch rally is good for a laugh. It is supposed to represent the peace and unity of Nations but instead in 2008, with the Chinese joke of an Olympics, is signifying the mutual hate of nations. Japanese right wingers are attacking the torch for their own reasons at present. See here. The absolute lie of peaceful international harmony is revealed by this simple torch, with its Ancient Greek Origins, that seems to be spreading division and animosity in its wake.

May it continue its happy journey…

I decided about a week ago to have an informal gathering at Katarina Zrinski’s restaurant, at the Croatian Club, in Footscray to celebrate my 39th birthday. This is the same restaurant proudly hanging a portrait of Croatian fascist leader and state founder Ante Pavelic. We applaud the bravery and steadfastness of the restaurant to not take down this portrait after public pressure. We recommend all Italian and Spanish restaurants to start sneaking in portraits of Benito Mussolini and Franco, respectively. Closely followed by German Restaurants hanging portraits of the chap with the small moustache, eventually. If its good enough for Mao and Stalin to have their visage’s gracing restaurant walls the same privilege must be given to those on the other end of the political spectrum.

How was the night? All good. The food was tasty, hearty fair enough to make you want to invade a small country, company was good (see below), no Croatian beer though (drat!) they had run out. We then hit Toff In Town, Madame Brussells and back to Bill’s house for more wine, women and song. We wanted to attend the dawn service service for ANZAC day plastered… but by 3 am wiser heads prevailed. A most enjoyable way to welcome in the last year of my thirties.

Go dine at Katarina Zrinski’s – it gets 5 stars here at Idea Fix for its wall art alone. Its got nice new decor, but an old school atmosphere.

Photo of me below with Ante Pavelic imperiously looking on, next to other Croate national hero’s. Followed by two happy snaps of some of the guests.

Yes, I’m making an appearance at an Open Channel panel Thursday 24 April (Tomorrow) at 12.30pm. Come down if your free.

Press Release about the event:


Newly appointed Theatrical Distribution Manager of Madman, and former Artistic Director of MIFF James Hewison joins Tait Brady, Feature Film Evaluation Manager, FFC Australia, and Megan Gardiner of Film Victoria at the free FRAMED seminar on April 24. Completing the panel will be Richard Wolstencroft, Artistic Director of Melbourne’s alternative Underground Film Festival, and new kid on the festival block, Andrew Apostola from Portable Film Festival. With the Cannes, St Kilda and Melbourne Film Festivals just around the corner, FRAMED #03 will examine the following topics: • Funding agencies, initiatives and film festivals • What festivals look for when selecting a film as opposed to what funders look for • How best to market your film at a festival [ie putting together a press kit] • Preparation for attending a major festival • What type of travel assistance is available from government film agencies • First hand festival experiences from around the world • Distribution & exhibition FRAMED is an innovative series of free lunchtime seminars held on the last Thursday of every month, presented by OPEN CHANNEL and generously supported by Film Victoria. The FRAMED seminar series showcases current issues and trends in developing screen based content, presented by leading practitioners in film, television and digital media. FRAMED is a great opportunity for anyone pursuing a career in the screen industry to network, make new contacts, and get up to speed with industry issues. FRAMED #03 takes place on Thursday 24 April, 12.30 – 2.00pm at the NAB Theatrette, 800 Bourke St, Docklands, and will be facilitated by producer Peter George. Bookings: / 8610 9300.

Today is my birthday. St George’s day.

I was born on St.George’s day at St George’s Hospital, Box Hill.

I find that somehow significant and have since I was a child. I’m just looking for my Dragon to slay, I guess…

Happy St.George’s Day to all!

Here is the wonderful St. George Flag. Symbol of English Patriotism.