Dr Plunk

March 31, 2008

Just saw Dr Plonk. I’m a fan Rolf De Heer’s work but this one didn’t really do it for me. Clever idea make a silent film in 2007 set in 1907, about a scientist who travels to the future, as he hears about the end of the world taken place in 2008. Interesting message about Global Warming hysteria perhaps, but the film is just a bit boring. The jokes consist of kicking someone in the pants and basic slapstick. Of course that is a feature of old silent movies and should be there, but there is far too much of it. The script is light on for ideas once Plonk reaches the future. A lot needed to happen when Plonk arrives in our time and basically it doesn’t. The script is weak and so are some of the ideas behind it. Plonk is locked up at the end as a terrorist, as a lame comment on Australian policies, I suppose.

I was a big fan of Ten Canoes. But with Dr Plonk, De Heer maybe needs a bit of a slapstick kick in the pants to produce a more accomplished work. This film felt like an after thought or short idea… stretched to a feature. De Heer is like an Australian Herzog at his best and overseas readers really should see his masterpiece Bad Boy Bubby. But Plonk, ka plunks.

If you want a great silent Australian film of recent years look to Mark Savage’s original, daring and excellent Defenceless, from 2004.

Caption for below: Dr Plonk, You Suck!


Well, I had heard about Shane Abess’s “Gabriel”, a new Aussie horror film, from genre fans and saw it this weekend. Let me say here on Idea Fix, it is extremely impressive. While the mainstream industry plods on with rubbish like Black Balloon and Esther Blueberger, real innovation and talent grows, nay thrives, at the fringes.

Gabriel is a low budget gem reeking with innovation and talent to burn. The story concerns an angel in human form (Andy Witfield) returned to Earth to battle the armies of darkness lead by Sammael (Dwayne Stevenson). With a scene stealing performance by the excellent Micheal Piccirrilli as Asmodeus (a real sleazy treat) and a couple of hot S&M style femme fatales in Samantha Noble and Eryka Heynatz, Gabriel is a well rounded horror pic in the same vein as Night Watch, Matrix and Blade.

Not dissimilar in ambition from MUFF hits Narcosys and Reign in Darkness, Gabriel succeeds extremely well in its ambition to become a cult horror flick.

This film looks like it cost around 10 to 20 million bucks to make and from what I’ve heard had a cash budget of around 200 thousand. The action scenes are very well directed and show true invention and originality.

But I’m wary a little of the overall look of many of these films… that aim for something akin to Night Watch and Matrix, etc. It could be wearing a little thin. But the kids still lap this up at the movies, so what the hell, literally. The influence of Alex Proyas Dark City, early progenitor of this Matrix look… is felt also.

But forget the derivative elements Abess and his team of cinematic rebels manage to well transcend them and create a memorable action packed devil/vampire flick. The script uses many real demon and angel names from the likes of Milton and creates a good vs evil tale involving many different characters, interactions and events. To its credit the script establishes its own mythology that could be used for sequels. The script could be a little tighter, more original and cutting edge at times but these are small issues compared to what has been achieved. There are some fun villain’s like the door pimp at a whore house, a cool bald devil who Gabriel fights first and many other demon highlights.

For his budget, Abess has developed the most advanced and ambitious Australian Devil genre picture of the past ten years or so. As I saw it on DVD this year, I’m sure to include it in my Australian top ten of 2008.

Funding bodies listen up. Give Abess a couple of million dollars immediately, for whatever he wants to do next! He will give you a film that looks like it cost 40 million and the film he makes will have a market and probably make money rather, than loose it. It will also guarantee we keep Abess working here in Australia, because OS talent scouts will soon steal him from us unless action is taken immediately to keep him here. He could be Australia’s answer to Guillermo Del Torro.


I found this review on Pete Ford’s cool Unstable Marzipan site. A review of Hey, Hey Its Esther Blueberger by our mutual pal Bobby Galinsky. Its so fucking funny I couldn’t possibly top it with my own review, so I will post here for the benefit of all humanity. Also to let you know I’m not the only one who thinks a lot of large budget Australian films suck farts out of a dead dog.

Bobby’s witty review:

Dear Filmgoer:

Once in a lifetime, a motion picture comes along that is so affecting, so powerful, so dominant in the psyche, that it defies description. It becomes you like a soul mate. You live and breath it like it permeates your very essence. On the positive side of the fulcrum it could be; and of course in the arts subjectivity must be considered—such magnum opus as CITIZEN KANE, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, BLADE RUNNER, GODFATHER (pick any one, or the triology), GONE WITH THE WIND, or some Steven Spielberg films before he realized the holocaust had box office potential.

But, on the other side of the fulcrum, the flip side of the coin, the dark side of the moon, the Satanic soiree of filmdom, lie celluloid nightmares that have been unleashed like an un-sealable Pandora’s Box of inexcusable efforts. Given that Australia, birthplace of some of the greatest films of all time, my chosen home and purveyor of the sheets that I pull tightly over my head when I sleep at night, has misfortunately spawned its share of unwatchable films this past decade—it is with great celebration and no small occasion that I share that tonight I have witnessed one of the worst films in the history of mankind, right here in the relative comfort of Chadstone Shopping Centre’s picture palace… HEY HEY IT’S ESTHER BLUEBERGER.

Perhaps you’re thinking… would I come home on a pleasant Wednesday evening, and go-to-town with a vengeance on a $6m Aussie ‘feel good’ comedy? Because it’s the worst example of acting, writing, direction, FFC funding, and absolute rubbish that makes films like THE WANNABEES look like Academy Award (c) material in comparison. I would rather lie down on a Mildura road at 4am and let a some drunken yabbo run over my whole family in a Kingswood than endure the pain that I went through watching this film tonight.

Alas, I can’t give you a synopsis because that would make an assumption there was a plot or script involved, but basically the mythical premise is that a 13-year-old Jewish girl, on the eve of her Bat Mitzvah, is going to go through “something” to get to “somewhere”. As a Jew, this film makes me want to convert to Islam if I can find a 24-Hour Auto-Muslim machine anywhere in Melbourne. If you happened to have the absolute misfortune to see a film called RUSSIAN DOLL back in 2001, and saw David Wenham’s amazing turn as an observant Jew, you’ll absolutely love this Hebrew catastrophe. Adolph Hitler would have walked out of Hoyts shaking his head wondering “how could they make Jews look so bad???” if he had been there tonight. And if he had, he would have asked for his money back. I know you’re not supposed to sledge your fellow film makers but some former Nando’s window slag wrote and directed this petri dish of retardation, and if anyone ever allows her to make another film with ANY government money I will rape the Prime Minister and kill his dog, or vice versa, depending of what the dog looks like. I’m not just going to say “gee, I wonder who read the script (sic) or howevermany rolls of toilet paper (used) pretending to be a script enticed some autistic illiterate to green-light this rubbish”, I’m going to find out and burn his/her/house down whilst they watch the film on their plasma TVs with their eyelids stapled open like Malcolm McDowell in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

Here is $6m (yep, six million… familiar number?) down the tubes faster than you can say “I’m Sorry” at a reconciliation ceremony. The film maker (sic) must have seen 100 ‘coming of age’ films and taken one frame out of each one (DEAD POETS SOCIETY, THUMBSUCKER, SUMMER OF ’42, etc etc) and thought “shit, i’ll take the best bits of my fave films and put them all in one film, get that Maori girl from WHALE RIDER (the one Kiwi who isn’t a mannequin, since the other—Sam Neil—is still in the window at David Jones’) and offer her a free TV and a CentreLink deal in Australia, and BEST OF ALL (WARNING!!! SPOILER!!!!) , I’ll get Toni Collette to get her kit off and play (attention all men: No Viagra or Cialis can help you now!!) a pole-dancing stripper! ARRRRGHHHHH. I have to say, seeing Toni Collette pole dance will preclude any male from ever having an erection in this lifetime or until Harold Holt gets a gold medal the 1500m butterfly. The money wasted on this painful exercise could have better spent buying a custom saddle to put on Ms. Collette for her destiny-turn as MISTER ED. No makeup required. A famous Australian director said a while back “Toni Collette has one look….and I don’t f*****g like it.” I can’t name him, because we’re pursuing him for a project of our own. But now you know one of the reasons why…

So please, please…when you wake up tomorrow, remember, the words “it’s only a movie, it’s only a movie” just don’t take the pain away.




Bashing Up Zizek

March 27, 2008

Coming home from Mathew Clayfield’s place drunk the other night (after showing him the latest cut of The Beautiful and Damned), I posted my first Internet blog suggesting someone should be assassinated. I was feeling a little belligerent at the time. I can’t stand that Bashir turkey so he got the brunt of my drunken blogging wrath. I like to keep Idea Fix raw, so I won’t withdraw the comment either, though it could be a little rash.

It’s a good introduction to this post. A review of Slavoj Zizek’s new book “Violence”. I’m no Lacanian Marxist-Stalinist but I do like Zizek. He comes from Slovenia and has connections to the proto-fascist group Laibach, that toy with Left and mostly Right modernist imagery and produce some truly excellent electronic music. Zizek in recent years has taken over the mantel of Jacques Derrida, as philosopher / theorist celebre and media darling. Zizek made an excellent series on film called The Perverts Guide To Cinema and there is a self-titled doco about the man that is also very good. I have read about ten of his books, including those on Iraq and Sept 11.

So this brings us to Zizek’s new book “Violence”. Violence, as I’m sure you’re aware if you know me, is a personal issue of major interest cinematically but also politically with its use, abuse and application in real life. To Zizek’s credit he gets straight to the heart of the matter.

Many post modern philosophers tend to stray away from issues like Violence preferring to make odd foot notes or harp on about the importance of the Other or some equally fatuous bullshit.

But others in art, film and literature have been trying to think the reality of Violence. I think I’m one of the few people in Melbourne to have a copy of William T Vollman’s seven volume massive tome on Violence, “Rising Up and Rising Down” and have even managed reading some of it. So it’s a great to see Zizek rolling up his sleeves in this arena for a bit of critical theory bifo.

Zizek is a funny philosopher. He’s half post-modernist do nothing, wait, read and produce endless piles of useless text philosopher and half revolutionary Neo Stalinist. I like the Neo Stalinist part better as it beckons action. I’m tired of the do nothing endless task of post modernism, it’s basically a (post) modern form of sophistry mostly and a pointless exercise in circular futility. Zizek at least through Lacan, Hegel and other readings tries to reactivate the revolutionary Left and good on him for it. He calls himself a Left Fascist. And I’m probably not that far from that position myself. Though I prefer Mussolini, Franco and Hitler as revolutionary models to Stalin. Of course all are flawed and dangerous ‘heroes’ and Zizek does his best to rehabilitate Stalin, even with some success. But you should just read Solzhenitsyn and/or Martin Amis’s Koba The Dread to get a wake up call about Uncle Joe. But what Zizek is trying to do for the Left, my ambitions are to do something similar for the Right, but I digress.

In his new book Zizek makes many fascinating points and diversions of his own but overall is only partially successful for his vision of a critique of Violence. Terrorist Violence, Zizek says, that we see all around the world in Israel, Spain, Africa, the UK, South and North America is only to reaction to the underlying hidden Violence inherent in Western Global Capitalism and Globalisation. This hidden state violence is the main problem that disenfranchises millions and excludes a huge proportion of the planet’s population from a meaningful existence. Zizek cleverly goes on to attack what he calls Liberal Communists like Bill Gates …and I would add Oprah Winfrey to that list. Those who give away large parts of their fortunes or promote charitable activities (Bono, Geldof, etc) all the while sitting at the top of the Capitalist tree, completely safe and benefiting Public Relations wise from their philanthropy and ‘generosity’, seeming Christ like in their endless giving and good nature. Zizek suggests with a Brecht quote, shooting these Liberal Communists in some future Neo Stalinist purge. This is a fun revolutionary fantasy, but highly unlikely, though his hostility to their smug privileged attitudes is understandable. The notion of admitting the Hidden Violence of Capitalism is a very important point. As we all know Capitalism is blind and only follows the mighty $ and leaves in its wake endless cultural emptiness and spiritual oblivion.

Zizek uses Heidegger to underpin the notion of the Violence inherent in Language, which is indeed true and has its own disenfranchising ramifications.

But (and it’s a big But)…to me Zizek hints at wanting to liberate the wretched billions who Capitalism quashes in a new form of Neo Stalinist dictatorship of the Proletariat. This is a vast recipe for disaster. First of all, if Global Capitalism is legitimately threatened as we have seen already in the past and as is happening now in the US, those under threat opt for my camp (in the Right/ Fascist wing of the body politique) and quickly back away from any Leftist notions of Universal liberty and freedom for all. If he thinks putting Bill Gates up against the wall is a good idea, I dare say Bill Gates and many others would quickly finance the counter-revolution to crush any such notion. Global capital and the privileged world of its top echelon will not allow anyone to penetrate their carefully guarded Tower fortresses. Zizek himself might find himself hauled off, ala rendition, to an undisclosed location for some water boarding and his own ‘good’ bullet if he actually could inspire what he hints at..

More to the point (and this is something I can never understand from the Left) what is the use of liberating the Proletariat? And for what? Dialectical materialism? Money? Wages? Please… this is so 19th century, stupid and narrow minded. We in the West are so far beyond mere subsistence living that this notion is antiquated. The prole is the lowest common dominator, the great unwashed, the uneducated, the uncivilised, etc. Why are these the people the Left want to rise up and liberate? It turns out conversely as we saw with the USSR into a gigantic levelling of Dasein, so that we are all made equally wretched. Rather than raising it, it brings everybody down. It is the purest recipe for misanthropy in practice and disaster I have seen formulated. It always amazes what most Uni students who flirt with the Left are recommending. For example, just liberate every Chinese and Indian peasant and give them a Western Standard of living with a car and the Ozone would disappear in ten years or less. Just as another ice shelf shears off Antartica. Communist liberationist stupidity has vast implications for Global Warming, overpopulation and plans for the future of humanity as a species. If your Green these days, you have to start thinking, at least a bit, like a Fascist.

A full 70 years of Lenin/Stalinism and what did it give us…pointless oppression, constant fear of purges, gulags and dread levelling on a vast scale. No wonder Ezra Pound gave the Fascist salute after his imprisonment, it wasn’t meant for people alive in the 60’s to see… it was meant for us. Capitalism creates class through its hidden Violence, we grant this. Capitalist vision only raises up the most ruthless, vicious, blinkered, ugly and corrupt to the top of shit heap, that too we grant. This does need a remedy and we are down with this part of Zizek’s plans. But only a renewed and fully understood Transcendental Fascist vision of a truly class free society, with its ideas of one People, one class, one struggle, etc. That one People is not the German Volk or some Eurocentric Hitlerian silliness, it is a now the World Volk, in all its diversity and Otherness. It is the 21st century human Dasein itself that speaks and wants to be heard. Fascism acknowledges the basic truth that people are not equal. Zizek talks about Simone De Beauvoir on the notion of inequality saying that regardless of how we want people to be equal, they are not in reality, due to a number of factors, many beyond the subject’s control. Fascism generally envisions and acknowledges Spencer’s Social Darwinism, that the best will fight their way to the top through the tenacity of the individual will. But also acknowledges the need for a political force to liberate the best in humanity, a real meritocracy that aims to give power to youth and the most dynamic and vital elements of a society. It also leaves room for the individual subject… this notion is often squashed under most communist dreams. You can’t free everybody on Earth, you just cant, you can liberate many and Capitalism does do this randomly through the free market, but only a new non-racist Fascist Internationale would ensure new elites form correctly. That the cream and integrity of all cultures and civilisations rises to the top is the aim.

Those vital elements from any culture, race, creed or sexuality that are awake and enabled… take hold of your manifest destiny! This is what Zizek misses. He claims Fascism is a kind of Super Capitalism that really leaves everything the same. That’s an old line of the Left and fails to understand true revolutionary Fascism, its vitality and dynamism to make real change. Regardless of Hitler’s policies, to say he worked solely for big Capital is a foolish statement. Hitler was inventing an entirely new world based around myth, a new vision of culture where art, society and people were one, a dislike of money and capital as the basis for society and a (somewhat) deluded form of Eugenics. If you loose the Eugenics stuff, you have a dynamic political framework still intact. Fascism’s gaols were not to serve Big Capital and high finance, though its mobilisation and continued success was happily employed and incorporated into the Fascist system. Fascism attempts to rise up the best to positions of natural rule, rank and position… just like Nietzsche’s mature philosophy recommends and in accord with what Heraclitus called the Ordering of Beings. Fascism is like Nature itself, cruel sometimes, but the way Being ‘is’.

Fascism is the political expression of Being itself.

Its the way of what Zizek calls the Real, without all the Freudian/Lacanian trickery and language nonsense Zizek gets bogged down in with his mirror reflection narcissism…

I’ll grant Zizek’s notion that much modern oppression is due to Western Capitalism, but so what? It’s the old Left idea of the “Violence inherent in the system” mocked by Monty Python. There are other ways forward. New paths to beat bravely, new seas to set sail on. As soon as the younger generation wakes up and sees the Right and Fascism for what is, its archetype and Universal beauty (beyond the Hollywood bogeyman Nazi claptrap) , its metaphysical truth… the path to true political liberation, planetary responsibility and salvation will be clear. The sooner we can began on this path the better…

As Zizek says Violence is all about the hidden Power inherent in the Western system. He is right. Just his hinted solution is incorrect. Don’t get me wrong the Left have many good ideas and Zizek makes many good points and suggestions for change that I agree with, too numerous to go into here. Suffice to say some reasoned Liberation of the working class is essential, as often many vital individuals are unable to liberate themselves from its grip. I guess that’s why I consider myself a Left Fascist. As long as this liberation is sustainable, doesn’t overwhelm others and is not damaging to the planet, I’m all for it. The youth of tomorrow need to grab this Western hegemonic power of fake Western Democracy and reduce and alter its hidden Violent and destructive power to liberate as many peoples in all countries, from all classes, even using ‘Liberal Communists’ to do so, in a new bright array of the elite’s and ranks of tomorrow. We must not be afraid of wielding this Power and replacing democracy with something finer and purer. Some may still be oppressed and crushed by the power we wield? That is the nature of power and our current situation. We aren’t living in some fairyland utopian world. If the option is between an exciting and dynamic new non-racist Fascist Internationale array of elites or a return to the USSR dark ages and planetary destruction from environmental over crowding through the liberation of the world wide Proletariat and wretched of the Earth. I clearly choose the former. As would any half intelligent citizen of the West, who lets face it will bring about any (counter) revolution politically in the first place.

I also take umbrage against Zizek’s call for inaction, his clubfoot still in the post-modernist camp. That is a remnant of the Derridean cancer that continues to poison most half rate post-modernist thinkers. Inaction, the trace, the spectre, the undecidability of truth, nothing beyond the text… literary eccentricity at best or sophistry or bullshit at worst. Slap a deconstructionist across the face and say to them, “Deconstruct that, Bitch”. You get my point. Action is the only real language. Until action takes place the text is just that, scribbling on a piece of paper… while Rome burns mind you. And its way past fire extinguisher time people, endless scribbling will not do… time is running out for that. It’s now clear what direction we need to move in, lets just figure out the Right ideas, ideology, leaders, strategy and then…to borrow perversely a message from Capital… not Marx but Nike, “Just do it”.

That Indonesian cunt Bakar Bashir has been inciting fellow citizens to attack Australian tourists, again!, like they did in Bali and to beat them up or harm them. See here and here.

Enough’s enough. Isn’t about time we followed Israel’s lead and took the fight to these bastards. Israel bumps off Hamas and Fatah leaders at random. Why can’t we be rid of this weasel Bashir? As a Transcendental Fascist, I deplore violence generally, but sometimes a little preventive medicine can go a long a way to save lives. It’s Jack Bauer morality time, people.

Surely, ASIO can set up some crazy Indonesian with a gun who can rid the world of this foul rodent. He delights in the carnage caused by the Bali bombings and Australia should act, covertly if necessary… to take out this mad cleric.

The cheeky monkey Bashir calls all Non Muslim’s “worms and maggots”, its time we introduced him to some real worms and maggots perhaps and he can decide for himself if that statement is true…

Australia needs to act. Just because the War on Terror started fake doesn’t mean legitimate putana’s like this shouldn’t be dealt with.

Act now before more Australian’s die from this asshole’s hate mongering.


High on Summer Heights

March 23, 2008

Chris Lilley’s Summer Heights Hight is an excellent new Australian comedy show that stands up to International standards. I like to wait to see interesting TV shows either on DVD or pirated off US TV, etc, so I waited for this show to come out locally on Digital Versatile Disc. It was well worth the wait. Summer Heights High is as Mr G might call it “Comedy Gold”.

Lilley stars in three roles; that of Mr G, a bossy fey drama teacher with a heart of mold and a megalomaniacal streak, Jonah, the bully delinquent Tonga school boy and Ja’mie the up her self private school exchange kid. The show is deeply perverse in its humour content and even in Lilley’s performance with a character like Ja’mie. How did 32 year old Lilley convince the ABC he wanted to star in drag along side 16 year old school girls, date a twelve year old boy all the time making every sexist, homophobic and racist comment imaginable. If I wanted to do that, I’d probably end up arrested or locked up in the funny farm, God knows be able convince the ABC to fund a TV series out of it!

Anywho, the show is brilliant and so “random” on a number of levels. The humour is delightfully cruel and un-PC touching on a number of sensitive areas in most unsensitive ways like race, class, homosexuality, mental handicaps, etc. The three main protagonists are archetypal Australian school characters, the over ambitious gay drama teacher, the bully delinquent Islander student (standing in for an Aboriginal student, perhaps?) and the bitchy up herself girl.

The show is clever, it starts cruel but it slowly lets you learn to like these characters, in particular Jonah. At the start he is an annoying thick headed student who disrupts every class constantly, that you find funny… but you dislike him. But soon you see home problems, the failure of the school ‘system’ and learning difficulties are behind some of his problems. The ending with Jonah being expelled and the one teacher who understood him, was actually moving and very well done.

Mr G is a hit classic character, he is completely insensitive to all around him as he pursues his grand dream of artistic creation. He delights when the head of drama leaves (due to a family illness) and he takes over the school musical. He drops the old play and after a student dies of an E overdose, he makes this the subject of his new musical. After the parents complain about the script that describe their dead daughter as a drug taking slut, Mr G self titles a rewrite and makes it all about him trying to save a girl from drugs. Mr G is brutal about telling students their failings to the point of abuse and hates the disabled students. The disabled character of Toby eventually takes over the lead in the play when an actor drops out at the last minute and Mr. G finally accepts and gets along with him. This is a great Down Syndrome character in Toby, as opposed to recent cinematic The Black Balloon. Toby overcomes Mr. G’s prejudice and ends up portraying one of the best parts in the bizarre Strictly Ballroomesque stage show in the series final – “Mr G”. A catchy song called Naughty Girl is out now as a single with choruses like “E-E-E-E-E Esctasy” and “She was a naughty girl with a bad habit, bad habit for drugs”.

Ja’mie is the most irredeemable character in the show, a stuck up private school bitch that comes to Summer Heights and calls them all “povo” and “losers”. She highlights, no screams out, the class distinction in Australia well with her snobby bitchy ways. She hates the fugly girls she’s first put with and then she dumps them and then hangs with a group of 16 year old “hotties”. To be different, fashionable and stand out she dates a year seven 12 year old student, pretends to be a lesbian and organises a school formal by faking an AIDS charity to get the funds for it. She has some great lines like “I’d rather be a pedophile, than a lesbian” and she consistently abuses the public school kids for being povo and having no future. She is deeply self absorbed and her character is completely classic.

Chris Lilley’s performances are truly amazing. He nails each character and deserves major awards for his work here. He did win a Logie for his last show We Can be Heroes, but this work here deserves AFI’s and International recognition. I can’t speak highly enough of how good he is in his characters. The performances are detailed, observational, cruel, hilarious, mannered and true to life. The shows style of a mockumentary and the direction by Stuart McDonald too is tight, funky and fast moving… like an Australian The Office.

The show works with its mix of savagery and tenderness because life is like that, especially school life. People and especially school kids are not politically correct. They are racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever and Summer Heights High captures this reality with brilliant sardonic satirical wit and observational humour. It reflects life in Australia as it is and not how The Government would like it to be perceived or portrayed. I for one look forward to whatever Mr Lilley does next. Maybe, we hope, even a Summer Heights 2?

As opposed to the Aussie cinema doldrums, Oz TV seems to be producing some classic works at present. I am ten episodes into Underbelly, the TV series about the Melbourne crime war and its the best Australian TV show since Blue Murder. I’ll file a report on this Aussie masterpiece when I see the last three eps.

Australian cinema must lift its game as local TV has clearly surpassed it…


Some wisdom from The Divine Marquis…

“It is only by enlarging the scope of one’s tastes and one’s fantasies, by sacrificing everything to pleasure, that that unfortunate individual called man, thrown despite himself into this sad world, can succeed in gathering a few roses . . .”

“All universal moral principles are idle fancies.”

“The best way of enlarging and multiplying one’s desires is to try to limit them.”

“They declaim against the passions without bothering to think that it is from their flame philosophy lights its torch.”

“Now I ask you, is it likely that that semen is so precious in Nature’s eyes that in releasing it one commits a crime? ”


I think I owe Idea Fix another post on the 911 conspiracy but let’s ignore the window dressing for a moment and get to the heart of the matter. The War on Terror is fake. It is orchestrated by the US and her (select) allies as a ‘Strategy of Tension’.

The notion of a Strategy of Tension is a post ww2 Italian fascist concept of such groups as the Ordine Nouovo (New Order) and Avanguardia Nazionale (National Vanguard) who had links with the CIA and other anti-communist groups. The basic thesis is: to set off bombs or commit terrorist acts and blame others for your actions in an attempt to bring legitimacy and a sense of being under attack to your cause. A series of bombings and assassinations occurred in Italy in the 70’s and 80’s (known as the ‘years of lead’) followed by sensational trials. The purpose of the bombings in Italy then and worldwide now… is to bring in a more authoritarian right-wing government or institute a situation for a fascist revolutionary ‘moment’.

This also feeds into ideas of the State Of Emergency developed by Schmitt best represented in our age by the colour coded warning system in the US.

It seems fairly obvious that something like a Strategy of Tension has been adopted by major covert groups in the West to bring about its own Neo-conservative fascist agenda. This can take many forms, from deliberate covert organisation of your own terrorist attacks against yourself to allowing already motivated Arab or Muslim groups to succeed in their aims, rather than foil them.

It’s clear that a major terrorist attack in the States before the US election would change the political land scape in favor of McCain. Whether this card is played remains to be seen. Maybe, Hillary will still get up. Or maybe true democracy might interfere with Obama? Who knows…? Does it even matter? If Obama was against the agenda and tried to reveal anything like this, he wouldn’t last to the end of the week. Bang, bang.

Regardless, to me it is clear that the war on terror is a fake. Most Muslim and Arab citizens of the West are peace loving God fearing do goody peasants. I can wager that given just a small group of three or four people you could pull off major attacks in any Capital city world wide… and no one need kill themselves in the attack either. Give any motivated intelligent person a week or two’s planning and trains and trams are easy targets for Strategy of Tension actions. You can even get idiots of your choice to do it for you and don’t even tell them what they are really doing…like the conspiracy theory behind the London Bombings (more on that in another post).

Just because Palestinians are so frustrated by their Israeli masters that they choose to blow themselves up, this does not mean suicide bombing is as popular in the Arab world as the West makes out…

Have you heard the rumours or read the online stories of taxi drivers and general motorists in Iraq being pulled over by US military groups and held for twenty minutes away from their vehicles. Then apologised to and set free. One suspicious Iraqi looked in his car boot and found a bomb! Placed there he presumed by the US. Most probably drive on and boom. How many suicide bombers have been involuntary stooges of the US’s Strategy of Tension in Iraq? Who knows? See here and here and here for reports.

Why would the US do this? As explained above, Strategy of Tension. A quagmire, nightmare and dystopia in Iraq is what the US wants at least temporarily. Endless military spending and endless need for vigilance, tension and emergency.

They say there is a coming US financial crash. maybe, but not a real one. If China and Saudi Arabia dared to really withdraw their money from America. America could just renege on its debts? Who the hell is going to make the US pay up? Really, they are the Bank, people… like in a game of poker at a casino. The House never loses.

The tensions rise, fear, emergency, crisis, spectacle, disinformation, lies, truth…they all combine in a political and violence symphony of the highest order. They are bringing about the ‘moment’, mentioned above… some in high places have been waiting for this ‘moment’ for some time.

This moment is coming. Our question at Idea Fix, why fight the indubitability of the ‘moment’? But lets think and act on how can we make any new historically disclosed ‘moment’ as Transcendental, Authentic and Ontological as possible? For we are tense with fear at the moment, that this ‘moment’ will be no solution at all.


Spitzer’s Whore

March 18, 2008

Ashley Alexendra Dupre is a bit of a hottie. She screwed NY Governor Eliot Spitzer and the poor schmuck had to resign over it. I love sex scandals and politicians… it proves their human. I always think they shouldn’t resign, they should say “Mea culpa… fuck it, I was horny, lonely and I have lots of cash. Geez, I gave into temptation…”

I mean Bill Clinton went up in my accounting books for getting blow jobs from Monika Lewinsky. I remember thinking at the time, I’m getting better pussy than the President. Lewinsky was a bit of a scrubber.

Dupre is better looking though. Through her charming Jewish pimp Jason Itzler she has been linked to other celebs like (of course) Charlie Sheen and she even has her own song out What We Want and a myspace page.

Here is a story on Dupre.

Her pimp Itzler also has his own myspace too that’s worth a look.

I’m sure Spitzer enjoyed his few hot minute with her. What a shame sexual honesty and politics don’t mix. Who gives a fuck who a politician fucks in private, it’s who they fuck in their political life that matters, huh?


I like Kelpie Dogs

March 18, 2008

Faithful, territorial, smart, quick and cool animals.

Like this one…