Time for a bullet in Bashir’s brain?

March 24, 2008

That Indonesian cunt Bakar Bashir has been inciting fellow citizens to attack Australian tourists, again!, like they did in Bali and to beat them up or harm them. See here and here.

Enough’s enough. Isn’t about time we followed Israel’s lead and took the fight to these bastards. Israel bumps off Hamas and Fatah leaders at random. Why can’t we be rid of this weasel Bashir? As a Transcendental Fascist, I deplore violence generally, but sometimes a little preventive medicine can go a long a way to save lives. It’s Jack Bauer morality time, people.

Surely, ASIO can set up some crazy Indonesian with a gun who can rid the world of this foul rodent. He delights in the carnage caused by the Bali bombings and Australia should act, covertly if necessary… to take out this mad cleric.

The cheeky monkey Bashir calls all Non Muslim’s “worms and maggots”, its time we introduced him to some real worms and maggots perhaps and he can decide for himself if that statement is true…

Australia needs to act. Just because the War on Terror started fake doesn’t mean legitimate putana’s like this shouldn’t be dealt with.

Act now before more Australian’s die from this asshole’s hate mongering.


One Response to “Time for a bullet in Bashir’s brain?”

  1. Greg Maxwell said

    If ever there was a candidate for the 9mm sleeping pill, it’s that shit head.

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