Just back from Particle Fever.

The more I learn about the Materialist Science’s current situation the more I am reminded of a Metaphysical Religion. The deeper and deeper they reach in to the basics of particle physics the further and further away the goals and models they seek seem to go. The discovery of the Higgs Boson was a major recent breaktrough and based on it’s weight point to two new theories: SuperSymmetry and the Multiverse. Apparently apart from the incredible chances of life evolving on Earth there is also a the Cosmological Constant that is like 10 Billion Billion etc – a lot of 0’s basically – that holds the Universe together. This number is apparently random, and if it was not this exact number or very close to it Nothing would exist at all. These Scientists are all desperate to avoid the Logical Conclusion that someone SET this number and holds the Universe together along with made Life and guided its Evolving and the countless other 10 Trillion to one things that have happened to give us our present Life on Earth situation. The scientists antics play out like a desperate Samuel Beckett play as they wait on Data from this Monstrous Abyss of a Machine they have created – that even when supplied with precious New Data only further pushes and pushes their required answers deeper and deeper in to an inscrutable metaphysics. This is a great film to see for many reasons – one of them being the seeming Failure of Science to fully explain The Universe – and the hidden Turn back to Theology mystery and complex interplay of a materialist and metaphysical world view.