I attended a lecture on the subject of censorship, pornography and free speech at Melbourne Free University (a tiny gallery space in Lygon Street) whose speaker was author Jeff Sparrow, author of Money Shot.

To provide some background: I was banned from MFU three months back for talking on the exactly same topic – due to what they perceived as my political indiscretions that they either wished to silence, side line or shun. Even though I never would have really touched on that topic, of course.This was a rather perverse irony as it was all about free speech (supposedly!) but here were the advocates censoring what THEY didn’t understand. The average leftist liberal is all about diversity and difference on the surface – unless of course you really are diverse or different – then you are a persona non grata. I didn’t raise the banning of me from MFU as I am polite.

Also the entire audience was Anglo Saxon or European apart from ONE half Asian chap. I’m sure there are many Far Right meetings more ethnically diverse. Doubly Hilarious!

Author Jeff Sparrow from Money Shot I had met before. He had asked me for an extended interview 2 years ago on LA Zombie – which I happily and graciously gave him over a long friendly lunch. I thought we had got along fine – but Sparrow hid his thoughts. As a limp wristed Marxist wannabe he objected  (like MFU) to something I had said somewhere in internet land and decided to caricature me a bit in his recently published book Money Shot – on porn and censorship.

Which is fine – I find that kind of thing funny from a perspective of ideology, etc.

But allow me to return the favour a little: Sparrow is a fey, glib, myopic and innocuous twit in a RRR T Shirt and knows little about the topic on which he speaks. He reduces censorship and the whole debate to an under graduate reflection on dialectical materialism – which is how the not so sly devil slips his outdated Marxist crap in to his rather constructed and biased narrative. He was ungracious – not acknowledging me after being in a chapter of his book. He was not generous when I asked politely if I could have a copy of his book – he was selling them there as a chapter was on me – he said no, rather rudely blaming his publisher. I am well aware from many books readings and appearances that a simple word from him would secure a copy for someone featured in the book.etc

When I questioned the poverty of his method of approach – in the question time – relying mainly on the issues of commodification and materialism and ignoring the whole ontological, Libertarian, Libertine and hedonistic aspects of the debate – he stone walled. Other questions were absurd: one women felt ‘pursued by porn’ I wanted to ask her did it chase her down the street or around her apartment? This kind of attitude reveals a repressed desire to indulge in pornographic Libertinage and hedonism. Other questions concerned the ban of porn in Aboriginal settlements in the NT – which is plain patriarchal racism. But as it was implemented or maintained by Labour there was much pussy footing around that issue. When I pointed out that his own left liberal views, as he admitted!, are the views of the current censor regime – making him the the defacto enemy he is supposedly criticizing and investigating – he was gob smacked and moved on quickly.

Again not even willing to engage in any kind of real debate or discussion. This is what he is like and what goes on at these type of events. Nothing is said – everything is omitted. It’s self censorship – of the very worst kind – and an act of cowardice.

Which If I had to caricature Sparrow – that is how I would do so – as a coward. Touche to you Jeff.

And, also allow me to add: fuck you pal for being such a rude, inconsiderate and unappreciative journo pretender.

The 13th MUFF Award Winners

September 10, 2012

The 13th Melbourne Underground Film Festival – Awards

Jury Head – Gene Gregorits

Shorts Jury Head – David Leadbetter

The Winners:

Best Film – Charlie Casanova (Director Terry McMahon)

Best Director – Terry McMahon (Charlie Casanova)

Best Actor (tie) – Emmet Scanlan (Charlie Casanova)

John Jarrat ( Shiver)

Best Actress – Allira Jaques (Daddy’s Little Girl)

Special Jury Prize (tie) – Daddy’s Little Girl

Johnny Ghost

Best Documentary – Donkey Love

Best Guerilla Film – Wakey wakey

Best Supporting Actress – Fabiana Weiner (Wakey Wakey)

Best Supporting Actor – Tom V (Dace Decklan)

Best Cinematography – Brendan Krotz ( Wakey Wakey)

Best Screenplay – Donna MacRae (Johnny Ghost)

Best SFX- Daddy’s Little Girl

Special jury Prize for Innovation and Audaciousness – Kim Fowley – Golden Road to Nowhere/ Black Room Doom

Best Short Film – Body Movie – Director: Jordan Prosser

Best Short Film (Runner up) – Real Meal Deal – Director: Stuart Mannion

Best Actor in a Short: Dying & Other Superpowers – Director: Elias Ribeiro, actor: Tom Stanley (Josh)

Best Actress in a Short: Evie Wants a Baby – Director: Jemma Van Loenen, actor: Carissa McAllen (Evie)

Pictured below Jury Head Gene Gregorits (with drink in hand)