The MUFF 14 Call for Entries

February 10, 2013


The MUFF 14: Call for Entries-

The 14th Melbourne Underground Film Festival


Revolutionary Cinema From Underground – we want you!


I am writing this MUFF Call For Entries in Havana, Cuba. So pardon the revolutionary rhetoric may have invaded this text.


We are collectively calling all Independent and Guerilla cinema comrades, insurgents and radicals. The Second Australian Cinema Renaissance is underway and we want you!


Our annual search for Australia and The World’s best, wildest and greatest Indy and underground cinema has begun, again.


The 14th Melbourne Underground Film Festival is now Calling for Entries. We don’t want dull mediocre cinema that sits well with the status quo at the mainstream festivals and events. We want the transgressive, progressive, transcendental, mad and aggressive stuff. We don’t care if your film is shot on the latest Red Camera or an old PD150 (…good enough for David Lynch!) as long as it has passion, guts and something to say.


To paraphrase D.H Lawrence if you don’t have something to say – stay QUIET – but when you DO say it Hot. We want the ‘hot’ stuff basically. We look for passion, spirit, inventiveness, originality and innovation – on a low budget. This simple process of recognizing talent has meant MUFF has discovered much of the most interesting cinematic talent to come out of OZ the last 15 odd years or so.


MUFF 14 will be a big year for our festival. We have lovely and controversial revolutionary plans to hatch and we want you ALL to be apart of it. We have been and are critical of the local film industry status quo but like Castro feel (cinema) History will absolve us.


Get your entry form here:


Our deadline is Friday June 28. A little earlier so we can get the MUFF catalog out prompter and all that. The actual festival dates for MUFF 14 are here: Friday Sept 13 to Saturday September 21.


More details are at our website:

Place your entry at Withoutabox from late January:

Get to it Cinema Revolutionaries from Underground!


Richard Wolstencroft,

Place De Revolucionations

Havana, Cuba

January 13, 2013