Dear Archbishop,


I write you respectfully in support of Father Bob Maguire.


I have never come across in my 42 years a man who better captures and lives the Christian and Catholic message better than Father Bob.


In a Church that has had it’s scandals I suggest you should be embracing, be proud of and fully support a True Priest and Man of God like Father Bob.


I have had issues with a crisis of Faith my whole life and no one has made me think more seriously about religion in praxis and as lived experience locally other than Father Bob. Outside of the actual Christian texts and tradition handed down to us by antiquity, of course.


He seems to me to be the best of what your Church is about and you should be doing everything to keep him where he is. He speaks to people, he communicates, he is compassionate and understanding. This is remarkable and Saint like in this fallen day and age.


Father Bob performed a Prayer Service for my Father at his Hospital bedside shortly before he died purely from kindness and because I asked him to due to our association through John Safran and Triple J. I shall be forever grateful for his help and guidance to my Father and I at this most difficult of times.


He has my full support and total admiration.


Do the right thing by Father Bob. Many will thank you in this world and the next.


I suspect The Lord would be most pleased to see a True Priest of his still in the oldest and most established Christian Church on Earth.


Allow Father Bob to stay with his flock and continue to do his vital work for the peoples and souls of his Community. At least until his Boss upstairs calls him somewhere else.






Best Regards


Richard Wolstencroft

Festival Director

Melbourne Underground Film Festival