MUFF 11 is over. But controversy still reigns!

That ratbag stalker and total tool Shane Lyons is back. He has been net stalking me for 8 years with past sites and groups like Loonar Watch and others. His latest website is floating around where he steals comments from my Facebook page and other places in an attempt to defame me.

An article on Crikey about all this and my responses can be found here.

The new psycho site is hosted by a pseudonym, a Harald Dorhn (a name taken from the WW2 group ‘The White Rose’). But, it is obvious who it is from the tone, content, stalker and insane nature of the site. Shane sent a response to Crikey writer Luke Buckmaster where he claims to have been a past MUFF employee who has a grudge against MUFF, so it’s Shane alright. More on this later.

For those who don’t know Shane (which would be most of you!) he was a past MUFF programmer from 2001 who did a small selection of Super 8 films (including some of my own). He was not asked back in 2002 as he clearly had emotional and mental problems. Since this rejection he has staged a somewhat loony and desperate campaign against myself and MUFF in various incarnations over the years. More on this idiot later, too.