There is an article in French on my film Pearls Before Swine which starred Boyd Rice (above, in a rare still from the film), that someone told me about, see here. I dropped the text into translate internet program and got this text below. I could try and correct the text and its meaning but you get the idea. If any want to translate it better feel free and I’ll replace the text.

“The film “Pearls before swine” of Richard Wolstencroft is a production of 1999 and this is his long third feature.  He did a new one (a fourth one) this year but we hope to see it soon.  The Australian film director Wolstencroft plays also a small role in this film, the one of Julius Vollmer, cut down by the mafia, but he is credited as Richard Masters for the cameo.

The film title comes directly of the gospel according to Holy Mathew and of this sentence saying “do not throw pearls to the pigs” (chapter 7, verse 6).  The Christian fundamentalists were the secondary subject of his long first feature “Bloodlust” (1992) that now is incorporated in this new edition “k-films” (1) but that also was marketed in France before by the defunct corporation “Haxan”.

The protagonist is Boyd Rice, the industrial musician “NON”.  It embodies in this film the role of a killer professional of Fascist ideology that implements itself in company of two other mafia and fascists as him to commit crimes.  They start with the young HOMELESS PERSONS that sleep in the street and they continue later with the performers of a marginal troop.

The mafioso Daniel Wingrove (incarnate by Boyd Rice) has a predilection for the sex SM, just as its friends.  It is nevertheless a little “intellectual” and it likes a lot to read the controversial writer Morton Bugs that will become the next target for him and for its assistants.  They will receive an order to murder.  On the road they will cross a registered truck “RW 666”.  RW are surely the initial ones of the film director and the figure “magic” would like to designate also the affiliation of the protagonist Rice (but not only) to the” church of the Satan”.  The picture of Anton LaVey (the founder of this church) appears in ray in a bookstore on the cover of a book, next to the books of Morton Bugs.

Will the writer Morton Bugs finally be cut down?  We not you will reveal the end but we only you will say that the same actor embodies the two: the mafioso Wingrove and the writer Bugs.  The passport of Bugs writes his nationality South African.  Why this choice?

In this film fascist words of all the kinds go and come.  We will reproduce you only one homophobic one related by a friend yuppie of Wingrove:”  I talk about you the PD (editor’s note: c’ is written as that to the subtitles).  I think that the disease of the Aids is a gift of God.  ….  / I think that a group of fondamentalistes réligieux would agree with you.  / … Because the Aids is a war weapon.  In the art domain, the biggest agitators are the PD….  I talk about you these PD agitators as Mapplethorpe, Jarman…” we have to note that Jarman was one of our favotite directors!  During the credits, one sees thanks to Genesis P-Orridge that was the inventor of the industrial music (the kind practiced by Boyd Rice) and the protagonist scriptwriter of our preceding film.  The final sentence of the credits has “Long Live the New Dawn”.

written by Dionysos Andronis

(1) “k-films” was the corporation that had organized in the past the important Parisian festival FFF (Festival of the Film Fétichiste), a festival that no longer exists aujourd’hui.  The organizers of this festival had programed several times the films of Aryan Kaganof.  “

Africa 2009

December 22, 2009

Got these photos off Ebony Butler from Atlantic Star Productions from our June/July trip to Uganda.

The editing of the documentary “Hearts of Lightness” is coming along well.

This is real bullshit everybody.

…this internet filter is completely stupid and ridiculous. Are we going to allow our politicians to push this crap through into law? I bet it actually will slow the internet, too!

Sexual Violence?…That means consensual S&M between adults! So, forget any fun and kinky porn
sites like some of the ones I link to below!

And they’ll add whatever else to the list they don’t like to the list, eg., Graffiti sites, Holocaust Denial, Dr Kevorkian humane euthanasia sites, advice on pot or other drugs, Pro Palestinian freedom sites, online adult rated video games… who knows where it will end? And what they will ban? Let’s fight this! It very unpopular. I will see what MUFF and other anti censorship campaigners can do.

What I’m reading…

December 4, 2009

Heidegger, Hunter, Hopkins.

My ex and the star of The Beautiful and Damned Kristen Condon was a guest on John Safran’s Race Relations getting spanked as part of a Christian Discipline Group. You can watch the show here. Enjoy.

John couldn’t seem to make it hurt. Kristen said she only said it hurt to me later so John wouldn’t be embarrassed. She did go out with me for 7 years, so what do you want! He just needed to come see little old me, and I’d have given him a few helpful hints and tips on how to spank a woman properly. Anyway, funny episode. The show is good. The episode on his Mother who passed away was moving and one of the best things he’s done. Next week he gets crucified… and its long overdue.

Wait just a Minaret

December 1, 2009

The Swiss have got their anti minaret laws passed by a referendum recently. There has been the usual ‘outrage’ in the media. But, I dare say, a similar referendum here in OZ would easily pass in this lucky country. Indeed, some local Sydney councils have blocked or banned mosques here in Australia. Here is Swiss anti Minaret poster that caused some controversy.

RIP- Paul Naschy

December 1, 2009

Great Spanish Horror actor Paul Naschy died last night. Just as the West was finally getting a decent body of his work released on DVD and he was enjoying a cult renaissance. I’m sure Lugosi, Cushing and Karloff are welcoming him with open arms in ‘the other world’…

Naschy on the cover of the cool Video Watchdog.