Kristen Condon gets spanked on Safran’s Race Relations

December 3, 2009

My ex and the star of The Beautiful and Damned Kristen Condon was a guest on John Safran’s Race Relations getting spanked as part of a Christian Discipline Group. You can watch the show here. Enjoy.

John couldn’t seem to make it hurt. Kristen said she only said it hurt to me later so John wouldn’t be embarrassed. She did go out with me for 7 years, so what do you want! He just needed to come see little old me, and I’d have given him a few helpful hints and tips on how to spank a woman properly. Anyway, funny episode. The show is good. The episode on his Mother who passed away was moving and one of the best things he’s done. Next week he gets crucified… and its long overdue.

6 Responses to “Kristen Condon gets spanked on Safran’s Race Relations”

  1. Dear Richard,
    I have just seen the John Safran episode. If you had such a gorgeous looking partner as Kirsten Condon with a taste for the tawse why ever did you let her go? She is unbelievably attractive and her spankability factor must be high. Send her round to us seasoned practicioners in London. There is a superb Christmas spanking party this Wednesday organised by Mike Dyer which she could attend where most of the top BDSM London models appear. We would be proud to have her.
    Good luck to you and her,

  2. Dave said

    As a lifelong spanking enthusiast and adult spank blogger, that show was *most* intriguing. and unusual.

    And naturally, Kristen Condon, as the cliche goes, is highly spankable. 🙂

    Best regards,

  3. richard777 said

    Hi Gang,

    Kristen is a great spanking sub. She really enjoys it and can take it, if you get her in the right mood.

    But there are many other girls down under who like a spanking, too, I can assure you.

    Love the Cherry Red report by the way. Spanking blogging is erotic and fun.

    Keep up the good work boys.



  4. FatherJon said

    Saffran’s never been one of my favourites, a try-hard who fails miserably. Thus, I’m not surprised that his spanking of the delectable Kristen was another let-down. He didn’t even bare her arse!!
    It was obvious that she was just trying to bolster his ego by saying it hurt. The two fat Yanks seemed to enjoy it though 😦


  5. Giorgio said

    A spanking without a bare bottom? NO, thanks,
    Anyway the obvious fact it remembers me that a sound spanking is needed at any age by our lovable, but bratty, women of any age.

  6. Eddy said

    What a smug young lady, she certainly needs to go to bed with a very sore arse !

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