on 12 years a Slave. This years companion piece to The Butler is 12 Years a Slave, a sort of Django Re-Chained starring a guy whose name is almost impossible to pronounce (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Just as we get two or so big ‘Oscar Worthy’ (snort) WW2 holocaust movies each year from Hollywood, it seems we now get same about African American subjects and oppression, etc, etc. 12 Years a Slave is the latest one – and it’s a rather turgid, dull, painful to watch and pointless experience. Here the nastier aspects of Slavery are gloated over in a, it must be said, rather Sadomasochistic way by English gay film maker Steve McQueen. McQueen uses his video art stylistics to present slavery vignettes and tableaus better suited to kInk.com – that as one now tarnished New York Film Critic noted – reek of ‘Uncle Tomism’ and a sadistic gloating over the nastiness of 19th century Southern slavery. Naturally ‘White Man is The Devil’ in this movie: you get the gentle kind Slaver in Benedict Cumberbatch, you get the chip on his shoulder racist young man in Paul Dano (who get’s a good whipping from the main character in this – that was fun I will admit), you get the whitey opposed to Slavery but who works with Slaves in Brad Pitt and FINALLY you get the Totally Psychotic Slave owner in Micheal Fassbinder. The latter fucks one of the more attractive slave girls and yet beats the skin off just about everybody else in a pointless and nihilistic way to make the point about the heart of ‘evil whitey’ over and over again. You get the idea. The main problem with these type of films from Hollywood is a Nietzshean one. You are being presented with a sympathetic slave morality in these films MADE by people who clearly live by the more morally ambiguous Master Morality. So, in the final analysis this film is at it’s essence deeply inauthentic and hypocritical. You can take that to the bank and as Michael Fassbinder might say in the movie “that’s scripture!”

The Last Days of Joe Blow Trailer on Vimeo.

We have had to cut it a bit to meet their silly sexuality guidelines.

Trust me the feature is much juicier.

It is at the AFM right now, folks, with the Producer Jason Byrne. So if you’re from a fest playing next year and want to see it – drop Jason a line and meet up/make contact. etc.

Otherwise sit back and enjoy the trailer. http://vimeo.com/52599100

Rough credits:

Director/C0-Producer-Richard Richard Wolstencroft, Producer-Jason Byrne, Co-Producer-Tait Brady, Associate Producer/Editor-Mark Bakaitis. Camera-Mark Mark Savage & Richard Wolstencroft, Music-David Thrussell, Damian Whitty and others. Featuring Michael Tierney as Joe Blow. Also featuring William Margold, Ron Jeremy, Eric John, Missy Woods, Charlie Chase, Jeremy Steele and many others. Special guest commentators Bruce LaBruce and Andrew Richardson.

A few stills below. A couple with raunch.

Excellent Halloween News marking a Special Event:

The 20th Anniversary of The Hellfire Club will take place Sunday December 16 at:

The LuWow Tiki Bar and Nightclub
62/70 Johnston St., Fitzroy.

You heard it here first!

Stand by for fliers, ads, event details, giveaways, performers, DJ’s, merchandise, old cards and posters on Sale and all other kinds of Hellfire related mayhem, madness and kinkiness.

My Hellfire Club – back in the last month of 2012.

The image of the first Hellfire Card (below) that I will mostly likely re-use for the 20th Anniversary.

Sorry if Idea Fix has gone a little quiet now. I have started another blog for my relaunching of my Hellfire club that is getting some regular up dates.

I will get Idea Fix back up and running soon. I am writing two scripts, preparing MUFF, working on the club and other projects so its a busy time…

Check it out here: http://thehellfireclub.wordpress.com/

Yeah baby. Details below. More to come including a dedicated website and all kinds of mischief.

The Official Press Release from Mr. Richard Masters:

Richard Masters presents

The return of

The Hellfire Club

with Weimar Burlesque Review!

Melbourne’s nightclub scene has been dull and conservative for far too long!

Richard Masters deviously has decided to bring The Hellfire Club back to add some slap, tickle and much needed kink to the Melbourne club scene.

Its Hellfire: The Next Generation. Were you too young first time round to be part of Hellfire’s special kinky atmosphere? Well, wait no more!

So: The Legendary Hellfire Club Returns!

As regular Kinky parties to be held monthly (or so) depending on the domineering will of Mr. Rick Masters.

New Weimar Burlesque Review with exciting and titillating shows…

S&M Room run by our Masters and Mistresses

First Event Details:

When? Sunday April 4 (Easter Long Weekend)

Where? Red Bennies, Lvl 1, 373 Chapel st, South Yarra, 9826 2689

How Much? 25 $ on door/ 20$ members (old memberships valid and renewed!). Or 20$ to all pre sale online at: www.redbennies.com or in person at the venues or Lucrezia and DeSade, 441 Brunswick Street Fitzroy (with 3$ booking fee). Book ahead!

Dress for Pleasure: We encourage our clientele to dress up in Fetish and S& M attire, sexy costumes, uniforms, stylish suits, naughty lingerie, etc. Look hot, shiny or cheeky…it’s Hellfire after all!

The crazy and kinky Hellfire vibe is back. Girls get spanked (…lightly if you like) for a Hellfire membership…guys try your luck getting whipped on the rack for same…can you hack it? Or just sit back and enjoy the various shows and activities.

DJ David Thrussell and others TBA playing electro, electronica Industrial and beats from their collection of out there music. We assure a truly twisted musical ensemble!

Be part of this special Easter Sunday party of Hellfire to be held by at the uber cool Chapel street Burlesque venue Red Bennies. If you have never Hellfired…now is your chance.

Viva Free Sexuality and Expression! Viva Hellfire!

The nightclubbing come back of 2010 is here and its Bound to please!

Marcus Westbury wrote this bemoaning the Australian internet filter. See here.

Here is my response, in agreement, and further outlining and discussing the dilemma:

Hi Marcus,

I hope we all do something about this filter. I’d be more than happy to join, campaign, etc., against this filter. I am very anti censorship on anything and everything; word, image, art, photography, etc… that is not technically illegal like material involving the abuse/harm of minors and snuff movies.

One of the things on the Government blacklist that they wanted banned was The Abby Winters site run by G Media, an Aussie soft core porn site. It features 18 to 25 year old nude models. I read that founder Garion Hall was charged with producing illegal material (… it is illegal to make porn or it seems even nude erotica here in Victoria, an absurd law, I might add!) and child pornography ( probably because a model or two on his site had false ID, or he messed up in his age checking process… or who knows?). Anyway, the Abby Winters site looks to be a perfectly normal and harmless one of girls 18 and over without clothes like legions of others all over the web. Why is this site being black listed?

The link is here: http://www.abbywinters.com/portal/

I think the adding of a site like Abby Winters, whose main offense appears to be that it is erotica and made in Australia to the banned list is the thin edge of the wedge. You can see it could be applied to a vast number of legal nude sites online, including ones dealing with erotica and art.

I feel this filter is a real and tragic death for a creative, free thinking and sexually unrepressed Australia.

RE: Content of the censored material. When they say Sexual Violence be sure that they mean Sadomasochism and B&D. A lifestyle as legit as the homosexual one, in these times, I would strongly suggest. Which means any bondage, kinky or spanking text or images amongst consenting adults no matter how innocent, or even just erotica, can be banned. Even Bettie Page stills from Irving Klaw could be labeled Sexual Violence!

Here is just one blog entry from a female spanking fan who realizes her own sexuality blog could and will be banned in her own country and bemoans the situation: http://michellesspankingdiary.com/?p=157

This filter can easily be applied to imagery from the art world and to the work of people dealing in areas of transgression and sexuality. Artists whose work could be banned (…to name just a few) include: Larry Clark, Trevor Brown, the Chapman Brothers, Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, John Willie, Irving Klaw, Richard Kern, Suehiro Maruo, Toshio Saeki, De Sade, Lautreamont, Bataille, Sacher Masoch, et al…all deal with sexual violence in art, photo or text.

What do they mean, also, by ‘other’ criminal activity? How to grow pot or drug advice sites? Pro Grafitti sites? How to circumvent the filter? Holocaust Denial? Pro Palestinian, or pro terrorist sites like ones on Hamas, or whatever else, from this controversial political field.

The question of monitoring and regulation is another minefield.

Also, the video game bans currently in force are crazy. It’s become a major part of 18 to 50 year old culture and now its policed and restricted in a way far more draconian than film ever was. Why?

Your piece makes many salient points most important is that it can be circumvented by criminals anyway, which makes it implementation completely pointless. The need is there to action change from the arts community like they/we did to support Bill Henson. This issue is a much, much bigger one than the Henson issue, as it is a blanket ban on so much material, images and information. And it seems to be about to implemented with little fight from the arts community!

Best Regards

Richard Wolstencroft

MUFF director and Hellfire Club founder

My ex and the star of The Beautiful and Damned Kristen Condon was a guest on John Safran’s Race Relations getting spanked as part of a Christian Discipline Group. You can watch the show here. Enjoy.

John couldn’t seem to make it hurt. Kristen said she only said it hurt to me later so John wouldn’t be embarrassed. She did go out with me for 7 years, so what do you want! He just needed to come see little old me, and I’d have given him a few helpful hints and tips on how to spank a woman properly. Anyway, funny episode. The show is good. The episode on his Mother who passed away was moving and one of the best things he’s done. Next week he gets crucified… and its long overdue.

Kristen told me about St Jerome’s, a cool club in NYC. And from this picture of popstar brat Lady Gaga getting a good spanking inside the clubs walls, lets just say it looks pretty cool to me, too.

Idea Fix is going on the road to Los Angeles (and maybe other US cities if I have the time). Three weeks in the US are coming up folks, stand by for mayhem, madness and reflections on the US zeitgeist 2009.

Until then, this…

Lady Gaga, Lady Starlight

A spanking for a flapper

January 7, 2009

A rare spanking drawing from the age of F.Scott Fitzgerald. And yes, I hear he had an interest in fetishism. You can tell from the writing also…


Nineteen fifties fetish legend Bettie Page has died. See here.

Page was a cult figure in the Irving Klaw S&M pic scene and was also a top pin up model. She found God in the 60’s after never achieving the fame she desired. She lived incognito until she made some private appearances at Hugh Hefner’s mansion and elsewhere.

Her picture regularly adorned my infamous Hellfire cards of the 90’s.

She will be missed by fetish people and lovers of beauty the world over. Her legend lives on through her amazing photo pictures, that will live forever. Her are two of her. One spanking a sassy 50’s gal, one being spanked by one. She was versatile and good at both. Bettie Page we salute you!