Lady Gaga spanked at St Jerome’s

April 19, 2009

Kristen told me about St Jerome’s, a cool club in NYC. And from this picture of popstar brat Lady Gaga getting a good spanking inside the clubs walls, lets just say it looks pretty cool to me, too.

Idea Fix is going on the road to Los Angeles (and maybe other US cities if I have the time). Three weeks in the US are coming up folks, stand by for mayhem, madness and reflections on the US zeitgeist 2009.

Until then, this…

Lady Gaga, Lady Starlight

2 Responses to “Lady Gaga spanked at St Jerome’s”

  1. tom said

    spank that bitch hard and long..
    and on the bar with a belt..;)

  2. RK7 said

    WOW! I’d love a slice of that Gaga chicks bumper. I think that’s about where my interest in her ends. What I’ve heard of her music, I wasn’t impressed (but, at least she DOES know how to actually play an instrument). I think it’s kinda lame how most celebs, (mostly female), feel they have to shock and dress scantilly to get attention. What happen to having so much talent that your work put you on the map and kept you there. With sh*t-hop and divas, you need zero talent and all obnoxious hype. Pathetic times in the music/movie biz, (but, like I said, at least Gaga plays an instrument. Hip hoppers can’t even spell).

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