Inspirations: Idee Fixe (french) – A fixed idea. or…A need for Ideas. ID Fix. Fixed Identities. A shot of Ideas. Fixing up Ideas. Setting thought in its place. etc.

8 Responses to “About Idea Fix”

  1. Gonzalo B. said


    I saw Pearls Before Swine a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I would have liked to hear more about the transcendental fascism essay that I recall Boyd Rice reads from during the film as the ideas in it seem very interesting. Have you read Alain de Benoist before? Another book that might interest you is Giovanni Gentile’s Theory of Mind as Pure Act.

    I am glad to have “rediscovered” you and see through your blog that you are still involved in films. Better yet, you are doing a movie based on a novel by one of my favorite writers. Speaking of which, have you seen Jonathan Bowden’s Venus Fly Trap? I think you can find it as a Google video and it’s well worth the watch.


    Gonzalo B.

  2. richard777 said

    Hi Gonzalo,

    Thanks for your comment. I am flattered.

    Boyd is a rare human being that it was a great pleasure to work and collaborate with. I recently worked with Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson on the Beautiful and Damned, another amazing and inspiring spirit.

    I have read books on Benoist. But there is little original texts, in English, that I can find. Recommendations?

    This scarcity of original source material is a typical situation with most fascist and right intellectuals in contemporary bookstores. Its often hard to find their books, as they contain the many secrets to power. Their scarcity in book shops is no coincidence, I would say. But one can find gems online and order them, as I’m sure you are aware. And the search is fun…

    I haven’t seen Bowden’s Venus Fly Trap, but will take a look.

    You like Fitzgerald? Then you are a man of truly refined taste. I think Scott is now entering his third act, if only he could have known his future longevity…



  3. Gonzalo B. said


    Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was out of the country for a while. Sadly enough, there’s not much by de Benoist available in English. The one book that’s been translated that I know of is “On Being a Pagan.” This website, however, has many de Benoist articles as well as texts of related interest:

  4. Hey, from the U.S.A.,

    Did I have a difficult childbirth? Why can’t I subscribe to your Blog in a reader?

    The WAB banning of MUFF is an F-ing outrage. And man, you’re right, film fest programming is C-R-A-P (politically correct, knee-jerk liberal crap, I might add, and I’m no conservative).

    My movies excepted, of course. :]

    – Aron (New!)

  5. Mitch said


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  6. BB Wolfe said

    Bowden’s films are a bit bonkers, but I do know the fellow — he’s a great orator and you’re sure to like his speeches on his website, some of which are in video form on YouTube.

  7. Andrew said

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    I was wondering if you have any qualifications, or a degree? Have you received any extensive education?

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