Now that sounds like Change and Hope doesn’t it?!

See here.

Well, at least if your a major Banking, Wall Street or financial sector player, that is.

For the rest of U.S and her allies, we get to pay for all the mistakes of the fat little piggy’s who run this immensely corrupt system.

But that’s all OK. We got a brother for a President, remember, smiling benevolently as he protects the financial elites.

Zizek wrote a great piece on Obama, “Use Your Illusions”. See here.

Ahh, democracy. What a difference an illusion makes.

Its a joke, really. Break out the cigars…


The racism of non-racists

January 29, 2009

I’m sure you have heard on many occasions people describing how they have transcended race, accepting and liking people of all races and all cultures, etc. Indeed, I have been heard espousing such lines on occasion myself.

I have given this some thought recently, and thought I’d examine it a bit further here at Idea Fix…

The conjecture: Is the non-racist philosophy of whites, in privileged cultures, not itself racist? Indeed, is it not the ultimate, albeit to some degree benign, form of racism itself?

Think about it.

I’m sure you’ve heard many who speak of such things with a certain self satisfied superior tone as they assert their non racist credentials. I know, for I’ve heard it in my own voice.

Do not white people who consider themselves non racist, in fact consider themselves so superior racially and culturally, as to simply not care about race anymore? Consider, is being a white European in today’s Western world to be essentially unraced, as such? It is everyone else who is raced, and we the white European cultural masters who are unraced. It is we who decide these issues. We deign to ‘tolerate’ and ‘accept’ other races in our multicultural world view. It is we who decide the level of our love for our interracial brethren both overseas, and in our own countries.

We may even allow ourselves the odd racist joke to laugh at the old ways…

People who are racists, lets face it,  are often insecure about their identity and culture, apropos they often feel the need to positively assert it and remind people of it. This can be found in many peoples of African, Asian and Mid Eastern descent and also in the skin head groups in the white community. Think of the Arab obsessed with his lands and religion, the Jew zealously discussing his heritage every chance he gets, the African American constantly talking about ‘whitey’, their race and culture, the Chinese discussing their ancient historical achievements, the Neo-Nazi obsessed with ideas of Aryan purity.

How many normal Western whites talk so about their culture and heritage? Its just self evident to them. They have no need to bring it up.

Does not this consistent assertion and obsession of race, and heritage, signal in fact doubts about its validity?

In other words the truly superior racial master is in fact the non racist. It is he or she who has transcended race. A person so comfortable in their own skin, and with the vast sway of own culture, that they accept everything and don’t mind mixing, cavorting, even marrying, etc.,  outside their religious, racial or cultural group. Is this indeed not the ultimate sign of racial superiority?

Is this, too, not a phenomenon mainly found in the unraced Liberal West?

In most ‘other’ countries an insecure racism remains alive and well. Is it not we non racists in our titan cultural superiority, and even those dullards who assert political correctness, who are the most refined and superior racists of all?  Through our privileged assertion of the non importance of race we establish our natural domination and hegemony over the entirety of racial discourse itself.


Another Informer’s Trailer

January 26, 2009

Here’s a new Informers trailer better than the last.

Gregor Jordan’s film played at Sundance and has been getting a fairly negative reception there.

This can mean two things. The film isn’t any good. Or…

…the film is good, and that its a mirror to today’s society that people just can’t handle, high as they are on the bullshit that is Obama. The friendly African American face casting its shadow over a vast waste land…

With The Informers I look forward to judging for myself…whenever it gets screened down under…

I recommend you do the same.

Juts got back from the BDO where TV on the Radio where one of the best acts there. A funny thought occurred to me regarding TVOTR’s sound.  I thought how much they sound like an experimental white pop band like Radiohead, Talking Heads or Interpol…

With all these white rappers stealing from black music, its good to see a movement in the other direction.

Black bands, or bands with black singers who sound white are becoming more prevalent. Two major exponents of this trend are TV on The Radio and Bloc Party… and I dig them both.

Bloc Party’s A Weekend in City even contains a tribute to Bret Easton Ellis in the opening track (A Song for Clay), and is a great pop album of recent years.


Didn’t take to long…

January 21, 2009

…for people to accept the message of the poster below.

Yes, he’s the great pretender…


Mein Fuhrer I can’t walk!

At least Cheney could not, apparently! Here he is at Obama’s inauguration (below), surely in a final stunt that sends out the message, “I’m old and weak, don’t prosecute me for war crimes, boo hoo”, etc. Good luck with that, Dick.

His resemblance to Dr Strangelove is uncanny. Indeed, the reference is very apt considering his track record and a bizarrely fitting way for the Bush administration Grey Eminence and worker of the ‘dark side’ to go out.


Before and After

January 18, 2009





“The significance of the moth is change. Caterpillar into chrysalis, or pupa, and from thence into beauty.” – Lecter

Alan Howe parody

January 12, 2009


Alan Howe, above second from right, wrote an outrageous attack upon the Palestinian people, and the Gaza crisis, in the Herald Sun today. See here.

This comes at a time of great tragedy for Gaza, the Palestinians and Israel, when the UN is calling for a cease fire and the Wall Street Journal has announced Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

If you don’t believe in propaganda in today’s newspapers, read Howe’s article to change your mind.

It is also a remarkably racist tract.

To prove the point, I have taken his article, changed and reversed the meaning/ references to Israel and Israeli’s. The results are darkly humorous and deeply disturbing, all at once…

Can you imagine an article like the mock one below being published in any newspaper, anywhere in the world?


But, one just like it has. An article that is just as biased about the Palestinians people, and their suffering,  as the below one is about Israeli’s. The only difference? One is published in the major Murdoch paper of record The Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia 2009.

The following parody speaks for itself.

Alan Howe Parody (meant as satire)

( a ‘reversal of fortunes’ of his article in the Herald Sun 12/1/2008 entitled “Gasa (sic) will end in Arab tears”):

Israel will end in Jewish tears

The self-loathing of so many Jews in the Middle East regularly erupts in incidents of unthinkable dread.

It’s what has picked away at the scab of Israel.

Israel will end in tears. Jewish tears.

Secretly, it’s what more than a few of them want.

It’s instructive to look at recent chapters of Jewish self-flagellation.

Only a people who hate themselves could set about killing whole communities  in various countries surrounding them…

How desperate are they?

Only a people who truly think themselves and their countrymen and women worthless could think of attaching remote-controlled phosphorous weapons and explosives to high tech weaponry and send them to work killing women and children in built up areas.

Not long ago, bombs were dropped all over Lebanon. The bombs were remotely detonated, killing thousands.

The afterlife benefits in paradise were not recorded for the victims.

Only a people who despise their women could hold such misogynist ideas about women as Hasidic Jews- these views are popular across the Middle East…

Killings have been thoughtfully caught on camera by the mass media to be shared over the world for those lucky enough not to have seen them live.

The deadline is this Thursday for Hamas to stop resisting Israel, after which they Israel will blow up schools and neighborhoods killing children.

They have deadly form, and have reportedly destroyed many people in Gaza already.

“Female education is against Talmudic teachings and spreads vulgarity in society,” said the bloke who runs some Jewish extremist settlers group.

The noble Mossad will doubtless conduct the torture of Hamas leaders, who are unfortunate enough to be captured.

And how much would you have to hate yourself and your people to encourage your children to die in the Israeli military, while murdering the blameless offspring of people in Gaza you have never met?

Raising self-loathing almost to an art form is Shimon Perres and Ehud Olmert, much loved by Israeli’s, but whose sole wish is the obliteration of the Palestinian people.

Shimon’s and Ehud’s brains squirm with hatred.

They proudly send the sons of Israel on missions against Gaza’s beloved children, unfortunately with some success.

Avi G___, a 17-year-old settler, opened fire on and threw grenades at Palestinian students, killing five and injuring 23 before being shot dead.

On hearing the news, his proud mum Tzipi G____ uttered “Oy Vey” and gave chocolates out to neighbours.

Before his mission, she did a touching home video of them together.

Since then two other sons have been killed from the Israeli military while preparing deadly attacks. Unfortunately, she has three more boys.

The people of Israel, so inspired by their mum of the year, voted her as one of Israel’s celebrity parliamentarians.

Keep that in mind as the debate of the bombing of civilian targets in Gaza gains momentum!

The last time Gaza was wearily forced to defend itself through guerrilla resistance organizations like Hamas was when, well …let’s face it, ever since Israel was founded and things escalated in 1967. . . many Palestinian women and children have died.

The Herald Sun published exclusive pictures of Israel launching phosphorous rockets into high-density residential areas, all of which these liars denied. The Wall Street Journal is even declaring war crimes on the Gaza attacks!

Israel has spent much of the past two years slinging precision rockets without warning at its neighbours, and without any reason recently on to the schools and houses of innocent citizens of Gaza.

So many crimes have been committed against the Palestinians – they seldom make our news pages.

Israel now admits to having “surprises” for the Palestinians, almost certainly rockets that can be fired from Tel Aviv.

Gaza has to act, and it has. It is launching counter assaults on Israel and maintains its guerrilla resistance against vast adversity. It can’t destroy all of Israel, but it may be able to exterminate some of its leadership.

Israel’s actions in Gaza may make it more apparent to the world community that supporting Israel comes at a price.

Only a people who hate themselves could support Israel and allow the children of Gaza to be killed as some have – and more will be.

No one in the West hated these girls and boys in Gaza, but hate surely killed them.

The sort of hate Shimon Perres and Ehud Olmert can tell Israeli’s about with a certain Neanderthal relish.

Another House on the Left

January 12, 2009

Here is the trailer to the new version of Wes Craven’s classic 70’s horror/ rape movie Last House on the Left due this year.

Its directed by Denis Iliadis, who made an excellent Greek hooker revenge flick called Hardcore, recently…

I will review Hardcore, later…Craven is producing the new film.

And the classic original trailer.


Naughty Prince Harry is at it again using racist speech to describe an airport pal as a ‘paki’, and calling his army mate a ‘raghead’. And look how the UK media drag him over the hot coals for it, too. See here. Its worse than Stalinist apparatchiks chastising a belligerent ‘non believer’ for not following the party line. Jeez, Political Correctness is so dull. He’s a fucking soldier for fucks sake, they swear, and use racist speech, uhhh, big deal?

But, after his Nazi uniform prank, is Prince Harry, perhaps, trying to tell us something?