Say “No” to the Australian Internet Filter

December 19, 2009

This is real bullshit everybody.

…this internet filter is completely stupid and ridiculous. Are we going to allow our politicians to push this crap through into law? I bet it actually will slow the internet, too!

Sexual Violence?…That means consensual S&M between adults! So, forget any fun and kinky porn
sites like some of the ones I link to below!

And they’ll add whatever else to the list they don’t like to the list, eg., Graffiti sites, Holocaust Denial, Dr Kevorkian humane euthanasia sites, advice on pot or other drugs, Pro Palestinian freedom sites, online adult rated video games… who knows where it will end? And what they will ban? Let’s fight this! It very unpopular. I will see what MUFF and other anti censorship campaigners can do.

2 Responses to “Say “No” to the Australian Internet Filter”

  1. Rups said

    It is absolute bollocks. So, will I be able to access my Blogs even? I have four Adult Blogs, what is going to happen to my Australian readership and to my ability to even post on them? Lots of questions because it isn’t just going to be the so called hardcore stuff – bet you Polyamory and Swinging goes on the filter too. And what about this special Grants to ISP providers? Each individual is going to face individual filtering by their ISP provider – so if Optus doesn’t like something they take a birdy in the hand from the Gov and filter it or if the Gov wants to block out certain information regarding to its activities o/s, then all they have to do is drop a brown paper parcel of cash to the ISP providers and filter out the information.

  2. Rups said

    Interestingly enough … they conducted their Clean Feed test in Tasmania … so what does that say about their test results. What a joke.


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