The 13th MUFF Award Winners

September 10, 2012

The 13th Melbourne Underground Film Festival – Awards

Jury Head – Gene Gregorits

Shorts Jury Head – David Leadbetter

The Winners:

Best Film – Charlie Casanova (Director Terry McMahon)

Best Director – Terry McMahon (Charlie Casanova)

Best Actor (tie) – Emmet Scanlan (Charlie Casanova)

John Jarrat ( Shiver)

Best Actress – Allira Jaques (Daddy’s Little Girl)

Special Jury Prize (tie) – Daddy’s Little Girl

Johnny Ghost

Best Documentary – Donkey Love

Best Guerilla Film – Wakey wakey

Best Supporting Actress – Fabiana Weiner (Wakey Wakey)

Best Supporting Actor – Tom V (Dace Decklan)

Best Cinematography – Brendan Krotz ( Wakey Wakey)

Best Screenplay – Donna MacRae (Johnny Ghost)

Best SFX- Daddy’s Little Girl

Special jury Prize for Innovation and Audaciousness – Kim Fowley – Golden Road to Nowhere/ Black Room Doom

Best Short Film – Body Movie – Director: Jordan Prosser

Best Short Film (Runner up) – Real Meal Deal – Director: Stuart Mannion

Best Actor in a Short: Dying & Other Superpowers – Director: Elias Ribeiro, actor: Tom Stanley (Josh)

Best Actress in a Short: Evie Wants a Baby – Director: Jemma Van Loenen, actor: Carissa McAllen (Evie)

Pictured below Jury Head Gene Gregorits (with drink in hand)

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