The War on Terror is fake

March 19, 2008

I think I owe Idea Fix another post on the 911 conspiracy but let’s ignore the window dressing for a moment and get to the heart of the matter. The War on Terror is fake. It is orchestrated by the US and her (select) allies as a ‘Strategy of Tension’.

The notion of a Strategy of Tension is a post ww2 Italian fascist concept of such groups as the Ordine Nouovo (New Order) and Avanguardia Nazionale (National Vanguard) who had links with the CIA and other anti-communist groups. The basic thesis is: to set off bombs or commit terrorist acts and blame others for your actions in an attempt to bring legitimacy and a sense of being under attack to your cause. A series of bombings and assassinations occurred in Italy in the 70’s and 80’s (known as the ‘years of lead’) followed by sensational trials. The purpose of the bombings in Italy then and worldwide now… is to bring in a more authoritarian right-wing government or institute a situation for a fascist revolutionary ‘moment’.

This also feeds into ideas of the State Of Emergency developed by Schmitt best represented in our age by the colour coded warning system in the US.

It seems fairly obvious that something like a Strategy of Tension has been adopted by major covert groups in the West to bring about its own Neo-conservative fascist agenda. This can take many forms, from deliberate covert organisation of your own terrorist attacks against yourself to allowing already motivated Arab or Muslim groups to succeed in their aims, rather than foil them.

It’s clear that a major terrorist attack in the States before the US election would change the political land scape in favor of McCain. Whether this card is played remains to be seen. Maybe, Hillary will still get up. Or maybe true democracy might interfere with Obama? Who knows…? Does it even matter? If Obama was against the agenda and tried to reveal anything like this, he wouldn’t last to the end of the week. Bang, bang.

Regardless, to me it is clear that the war on terror is a fake. Most Muslim and Arab citizens of the West are peace loving God fearing do goody peasants. I can wager that given just a small group of three or four people you could pull off major attacks in any Capital city world wide… and no one need kill themselves in the attack either. Give any motivated intelligent person a week or two’s planning and trains and trams are easy targets for Strategy of Tension actions. You can even get idiots of your choice to do it for you and don’t even tell them what they are really doing…like the conspiracy theory behind the London Bombings (more on that in another post).

Just because Palestinians are so frustrated by their Israeli masters that they choose to blow themselves up, this does not mean suicide bombing is as popular in the Arab world as the West makes out…

Have you heard the rumours or read the online stories of taxi drivers and general motorists in Iraq being pulled over by US military groups and held for twenty minutes away from their vehicles. Then apologised to and set free. One suspicious Iraqi looked in his car boot and found a bomb! Placed there he presumed by the US. Most probably drive on and boom. How many suicide bombers have been involuntary stooges of the US’s Strategy of Tension in Iraq? Who knows? See here and here and here for reports.

Why would the US do this? As explained above, Strategy of Tension. A quagmire, nightmare and dystopia in Iraq is what the US wants at least temporarily. Endless military spending and endless need for vigilance, tension and emergency.

They say there is a coming US financial crash. maybe, but not a real one. If China and Saudi Arabia dared to really withdraw their money from America. America could just renege on its debts? Who the hell is going to make the US pay up? Really, they are the Bank, people… like in a game of poker at a casino. The House never loses.

The tensions rise, fear, emergency, crisis, spectacle, disinformation, lies, truth…they all combine in a political and violence symphony of the highest order. They are bringing about the ‘moment’, mentioned above… some in high places have been waiting for this ‘moment’ for some time.

This moment is coming. Our question at Idea Fix, why fight the indubitability of the ‘moment’? But lets think and act on how can we make any new historically disclosed ‘moment’ as Transcendental, Authentic and Ontological as possible? For we are tense with fear at the moment, that this ‘moment’ will be no solution at all.


One Response to “The War on Terror is fake”

  1. Sally said

    Most muslims are what? get real read your history!
    colonisation is the name of the game make no mistake on that.
    I agree that terrorism is used to bring in Fascism for those with eyes to see it’s already here.
    Most muslims will stay quiet good little Al-Taqqyi practioners until the time is right!
    Your Obama i’d not trust in a million years!
    Sharia finances worth a checkout for the root of the USA problems. Sharia the bankers just love it! economical jihad against the west just another weapon of war.
    politics of fear…Bilderburgh group.
    Politicians work for themselves not their country or peoples the sooner folk accept that the better.

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