Wolstencroft and St George’s Day

April 23, 2008

Today is my birthday. St George’s day.

I was born on St.George’s day at St George’s Hospital, Box Hill.

I find that somehow significant and have since I was a child. I’m just looking for my Dragon to slay, I guess…

Happy St.George’s Day to all!

Here is the wonderful St. George Flag. Symbol of English Patriotism.

3 Responses to “Wolstencroft and St George’s Day”

  1. badMike said

    Happy belated birthday, you rabble rouser, you!!

  2. Slay, Richard, S L A Y. Here in deepest little England the flag has supplanted the Union Jack as a symbol of zenophobic, yobbish nationalism. More or less the National Front.

  3. richard777 said

    Yes, I’m bad. Sleigh, slay. There, their. Know, now. In my hurry to unleash my word hoard, I get a tad careless. I read a grammar book to try and improve things, but it only helped in a marginal weigh. Joke, way of course. Idea Fix is unedited so it’s full of grammar and spelling mistakes, because its about ideas, not grammar. It’s no excuse, I know. I might try and find and editor to improve its idiotic grammar.

    RE: The St George’s flag. I’m fully aware of the English Nationalist connections. Read Ballard’s Kingdowm Come, “The Suburbs are full of Violence”.

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