Bring back the Noose?

April 30, 2008

Career crim Leigh Robinson killed a women 40 years ago, was released from the clink and just did it again. He was spared the hangman’s black touch, back when the world was listening to all that humanistic claptrap about reforming prisoners. He was spared a snapped neck by then Victorian Governor Sir Rohan Delacombe, who posthumously has blood on his hands it seems. Was the wisdom of the hangman the best way to go with this charming fellow? With Robinson’s first offence (at age 20) leniency was probably best…but not in hindsight. But hindsight always has 20/20 vision

But what about, now? I’m not normally a supporter of the death penalty, but in clear cases of premeditated murder, particularly second murder offences like this, its appeal is hard to ‘die-ny’.

Thoughts, people?

See here for story.

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