My Birthday At Katarina Zrinski

April 25, 2008

I decided about a week ago to have an informal gathering at Katarina Zrinski’s restaurant, at the Croatian Club, in Footscray to celebrate my 39th birthday. This is the same restaurant proudly hanging a portrait of Croatian fascist leader and state founder Ante Pavelic. We applaud the bravery and steadfastness of the restaurant to not take down this portrait after public pressure. We recommend all Italian and Spanish restaurants to start sneaking in portraits of Benito Mussolini and Franco, respectively. Closely followed by German Restaurants hanging portraits of the chap with the small moustache, eventually. If its good enough for Mao and Stalin to have their visage’s gracing restaurant walls the same privilege must be given to those on the other end of the political spectrum.

How was the night? All good. The food was tasty, hearty fair enough to make you want to invade a small country, company was good (see below), no Croatian beer though (drat!) they had run out. We then hit Toff In Town, Madame Brussells and back to Bill’s house for more wine, women and song. We wanted to attend the dawn service service for ANZAC day plastered… but by 3 am wiser heads prevailed. A most enjoyable way to welcome in the last year of my thirties.

Go dine at Katarina Zrinski’s – it gets 5 stars here at Idea Fix for its wall art alone. Its got nice new decor, but an old school atmosphere.

Photo of me below with Ante Pavelic imperiously looking on, next to other Croate national hero’s. Followed by two happy snaps of some of the guests.

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