The Hellfire Club – 25th Anniversary – Friday March 16 at Royal Melbourne Hotel

February 17, 2018

Hell 25 Censored version
Richard Masters presents
The Hellfire Club 25th Anniversary
Friday March 16
Royal Melbourne Hotel
The Infamous Melbourne Hellfire Club Returns! Possibly the most Notorious theme night in Australian night club History returns for a Special 25th Anniversary Event at The Royal Melbourne Hotel, which is the PERFECT venue for it’s auspicious return with cells – and plenty of cool open and even some special hidden spaces.
On the night the venue will be decked out in the play areas like a Spanish Inquisition Torture Chamber – with the famous Hellfire rack – and few of the old Masters and Mistresses back to whip, spank and flog the punters, and supervise the play areas, where others can play together.
The Dance floor will be overseen like some of the original DJ’s like David Thrussell, Andrew Till and Arlen Da Silva ! The unholy trinity of Electronic Dance Music is back!
Add to this a selection of Burlesque performances, other shows to delight and entice & you have the perfect mid March recipe for mayhem and mischief.
Tickets can be pre booked here at – 25 early bird and members to Feb 28 and 35$ after and on the Door.
So, for all the Gen Y’ers and Gen Z’s old enough to attend who have NEVER been to a Hellfire Event, now is your chance. All those Gen X’er’s and such from the good old days, come along and get out that wild ol’ outfit to cause trouble and have a great time.
Straight, kinky, gay, trans, whatever floats ya boat – Hellfire Welcomes all! Just like in the groundbreaking good ol days.
The Hellfire Club – 25th Anniversary Event
Friday March 16
at Royal Melbourne Hotel,
629 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000. (03) 9629 2400.
Hellfire – a Psychtronic Hardcore Experience –
Hellfire Back Details

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