Picturesque Italy: Land of Incest

March 29, 2009

In what looks like a sequel to the similar case in Austria, an Italian scumbag, Michele Mongelli, has been with his daughter “ala a Fritzl”, for nigh on 25 years.  See shocking story here.

Here is a photo of Michele Mongelli (below), such a handsome man…

These news stories reveal the on going clandestine continuance of one of the worlds nastier hidden secrets, incestuous sexual abuse. This is something that most experts in the field say was reasonably wide spread in our (so called) civilised society, until only recently. For example, did you know Freud’s original Oedipus theories derived from his observation of Victorian and Edwardian women’s tales of incest and sex abuse, that he decided to reconceive as an unconscious desire and drive (!), rather than acknowledge it as evidence of wide spread incest abuse. Anti Oedipus, indeed.


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