248 countries of origin, 289 languages, 128 faiths – 0 community

March 20, 2009

Have you seen the latest snake oil campaigns promoting multiculturism? Yes, they show people from all over the world, who now live in Australia, and who are about as true blue as a Hajib, curry or zulu war mask.

You know its bullshit when you see ads like these. You know the real reason for these ads is that during the present time of economic crisis pressure is going to be placed onto the issue of immigration and jobs. You know these ads are supposed to support the lie of multicultural harmony.

This weeks front page of The Age, Rudd says he is reducing immigration of skilled labour to save jobs. If Howard or Hanson suggest this they are racist. But when Rudd does it, it’s AOK. Ah, the naivety…

We all know ethnic groups, as The Combination amply demonstrated recently on screen, are cliquey, non communicative, hostile and are often intolerant and dislike ‘othernesss’. Rather than bring people together, multiculturism pulls people apart, it divides a community, particurly the working class. The real target of such policies, I suggest. This attack on working class unity from forced multiculturism we have had in Oz since the 70’s, when the Left posed a real threat. The Left has even been duped to promote and accept the Capitalist scheme…

Sure at an art or film festival opening we are all ‘equal’. Within the cultural elite, everything is hunky dory. I know this from polite bourgeois experience. But, tell this message to the gangs and youths on our streets who are involved in ethnic clashes every day on trains and trams or in schools or clubs. Tell it to the communities who have many people who never even bother to learn English and therefore cannot even communicate with mainstream Australia. Tell this to the ethnic criminal crews and hoods.

It’s all 1 community, right? From where I sit its 0 community…

I’m not against a limited organic multiculturism, I just don’t like it as forced policy. The conservative critic in me can’t help feel the same way TS Eliot did, and that is people should by and large stay where they were born.

Perversely the ‘stay where your were born’ policy preserves communities, and maintains ethnic identity and culture. No immigrant, no matter how hard they try, are able to maintain their cultural and ethnic identities. And, so too Australia’s traditional identity, since it was founded as a nation, is radically changed.

Now, we represent one giant mixed waste land. A nowhere place. A handful of dust. A land led by empty straw filled Hollow men, as the new Working Dog ABC show demonstrated.

We are not fully at dystopia yet, but these bullshit ads, want us there sooner. They want fragmentation to spread further, so the political opportunities presented by this economic collapse, are not seized upon.

I for one don’t buy what these ads are selling…and really, in your heart of hearts, do you?

I know all the arguments in favour of PC multiculturism, I know we are all immigrants and that Aborigines are the only true Australians, blah, blah, blah. I’m not stupid. But, this is all surface PC crap hiding a deeper disharmony and discontent, that lies barely hidden underneath the surface of our lucky cuntry.

Here are some of the ads. As usual comments, and debate are welcome.


4 Responses to “248 countries of origin, 289 languages, 128 faiths – 0 community”

  1. Government sponsored/driven PR is generally damage control or tax-funded spin. This should not be confused with leadership and problem solving. And above all, the word “proactive” should never be used in the same sentence with “government” (without some clear negation).

    Regardless of country, the pattern of behaviour in today’s global economy is to blitz the public with tax-funded promotions – but just enough to difuse the issues stirring the masses.

    If governments around the world were truly interested in communities, they would not broken so many since 911.

  2. the ads should read “ALL LOVE US”
    trying to promote unity and love through statistics is a chilly way to warm things up.

  3. Rups said

    These are so ready for a graphic artist, a quick witted satirist, and some paint brushes with glue (And a few eager Culture Jammers) 🙂 Rups

  4. True Blue said

    I have travelled far and wide, and I have seen the world.

    I see my Melbourne, and I see the world.

    You can’t be a true blue if you have no compassion in your heart. You would love to see all the migrants dead or suffering in countries they came from, whatever situation they escaped from, than to see them prosper and live a peaceful life in Australia. This blog does not even deserve my comment.

    Thank goodness most Aussies know better, so they told Pauline Hanson and the likes of her where to go.

    I just can’t see what pleasure you, or anyone can get from judging people who finally found a place they can call home.

    You talk about disharmony and discontent. You are the one who seems discontent by the current direction of our lucky country. Luckily for us and the country, you are in minority.

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