AIG – The company that could bankrupt the World

March 23, 2009

It sounds like a 70’s disaster movie does it not?

“The company that could bankrupt the world” Suggested cast: David Paymer as Joseph “the Weasel” Cassano, Will Smith as President Barack Obama, Clint Eastwood as Hank Greenberg, Ed Harris as Ed Liddy, Tommy Lee Jones as Martin Sullivan. Ollie Stone could direct. Everyone else gets to be an extra as we all go down the tubes together.

The more I read about this economic crisis and second Depression, the more I can hardly comprehend the scams, schemes and swindlings of a gang of clearly criminal assholes that have ruined the world economy. As Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys said in an interview I read today, something like, “This decade makes the 80’s “me” and “money” decade look infinitesimal by comparison”. In other words this decade makes the 80’s look laid back, selfless and hippy in retrospect. This is something I have noticed, and something that comes out in my adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned.

The greed of corporate CEO’s is astronomical and their tactics enough to make Machiavelli blush. When finished, they sign themselves golden parachutes of millions of dollars as they jump ship from their various Titanics, taking with them stolen loot (millions), enough to survive a Depression, no matter how bad it gets.

The AIG crisis and the bailing out of companies like this is absurd. It rewards crooks and criminality. But the mainstream West feels it has little option but to maintain the corrupt system. All this may not avoid the eventual collapse of precious later day Capitalism, anyway. Forget Al Qaeda, America has its own home grown terrorists on Wall Street that will destroy more lives than Osama Bin Laden could on a good day armed with American military weapons.

In the meantime, the train wreak of Western Civilisation trundles on, barely…Ho hum.

Joe Cassano (below) has done his bit, he bet it all on the crooked Casino that is Wall Street and lost, baby, Big time. In Vegas they would have buried him in a hole in the desert. Instead, that’s where our economy is headed…down a black hole.


2 Responses to “AIG – The company that could bankrupt the World”

  1. The most sickening thing is that the non-rich are keeping the rich afloat now.

    Companies unable to compete in a so-called Capitalist system should be allowed to fail. It is a myth that AIG’s failure will have a catastrophic effect on the world.

    What AIG’s failure will do is have a catastrophic effect on the wealth of wealthy people.

    American Motors failed and disappeared. Why shouldn’t GM?

    Picking winners and losers is communistic.

    I’m sure the Chinese are grinning smugly at what’s happening… and who can blame them?

  2. richard777 said

    I shall answer on the main page Phantom…

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