I hate Wolverine

March 30, 2009


Wolverine is the gayest, lamest, stupidest super hero ever, bar none. So, what? He has shiny claws. Ohhhh, and I forgot he is invincible. Which makes him boring. He was born of some completely absurd military experiment. Big fucking deal.

Why anyone gives a shit about this character, I don’t know? And now Wolverine, genesis or whatever its fucking called. Trailers not bad,  but give me a break, the character has the depth of a box of Kleenex and is just plain unbelievable and silly

Hugh Jackman what are you doing (pay check excluded)?

Wolverine is suited for limpid assholes like this guy (below) to imitate and run around behaving like a total fool.

Wolverine, fuck off. Hollywood start making better big budget Blockbusters, rather than regurgitate this luke warm shit. Same the new  Mc G Terminator sequel. Any director who calls himself “Mc G” should be fucking shot.


40 Responses to “I hate Wolverine”

  1. Rups said

    What I would really like to see is Hollywood having a crack at Robert Crumb’s Devil Girl, I’d even settle for an Alfred E. Newman movie over Wolverine. Rups 🙂

  2. richard777 said

    Yes, Wolverine sucks. And from the rumor so too, Hugh…

  3. Ivan V said

    This movie is going to be a steaming-turd. I laughed my ass off when I heard that a pirate copy has already been leaked on-line, two months before it’s official release date.
    “FBI investigates into Wolverine leak”

  4. mike said

    I am a huge fan of Wolverine. The attitude, the claws. and the fact that (although he does have the healing factor) he does get frequently ripped to shreds in the comics. At least the old ones. HOWEVER, Hugh Jackman is a total pansy-ass who needs to go back to broadway and stop ruining my Wolverine.

  5. Jaw said

    What a fucking load of bull……….

  6. john said

    you guys that mock wolverine so u suck cock big time
    fuck all ya’ll and good night. Dont forget to tip the waitress

  7. Ha! said

    I honestly thought this would be a big joke with a punchline embedded somewhere. True, some people couldn’t give two shits about Wolverine, X-Men, or any other comic book character for that matter. Thumbs up for having an opinion. Thumbs down for lacking an imagination and criticizing someone with one. As lame as it is to post a picture of yourself on the internet bearing homemade Wolverine claws (which are excessively manufactured by the way, but dope), there are legions of folks out there, myself included, who would love to have metal claw replicas to accompany their fascination with being this character. Kudos to those with imaginations, and the esteem to not care what others think about your fanboy dreams that make you happy.

  8. jdragon said

    wolverine in marvel comics is only 5’3″…

  9. fuckin die said

    you all can go die wolverine is def the shit and only fat fuckin nerds would hate a him

  10. unknown said

    Wow really? He’s an unbelievable character? And I bet an invincible alien who looks like a human, with x-ray and laser vision, who has the ability to fly, and has superhuman strength is much more believable.. And character depth? Superman has none. He’s the epitome of predictable. So you must really fuking hate Superman. I digress. I saw the movie and it wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it. Although they couldve done a much better job on the storyline.. but Wolverine is a sick ass character and is not portrayed in the movies how he should be because pg-13 makes $$$. Wolverine kicks ass (not hugh jackman)

  11. Deacon Canle said

    First of all you should really read up on a character before you start tearing into them especially concerning the “depth” of a character which is such a vague term to begin with that you can’t really use it for justifying anything.

    Wolverine has more story to him than any other super hero in existence, and even with all this story, background, and info there is so little known about him that no one short of his original creator can even say how old he is.

    In regards to Hugh Jackman portraying him in the movies, other than the height issue there is little to complain about. Hugh made a great choice in playing him not just for the pay check and career advancement but he is already a well liked actor and he plays probably the most popular super hero in the world to date.

    As far as Wolverines so called “over powered mutations” with the regeneration and all, he is not invincible not by far. he is not even close to being the most powerful mutant in the X-men world. He has died numerous time in side stories from the X-men world and come close to dying several times in the main line of comics. He isn’t even the only one with such powerful regenerative powers. Sabertooth is equal to Wolverine in regeneration and enhanced senses but is way stronger and has way more blood lust.

  12. andrew said

    you a total dumbass your not getting the point this movie is not aimed at you age it is aimed at the 30 year old that were around for the dawn of the comic for the fans that read comic bookand dreamed of seeing a movie. TWO the movie is hear to make money if it sold well then it did what it was supposed to and that means that there are a ton more people that like it that you fucks bitching THREE what the fuck have you ever done to bitch about them and the fame the heve worked a lot harder than you ever will most of you will live life one hour at a time and dream about fucking the prom queen and the rest of her will make her scream her our name

  13. Miles said

    who is this bastard? Wolverine rocks! he’s not a super hero, he’s a mutant. he didnt ask to be born that way. screw you.

  14. elmaschingon said

    Ha ha ha!! the wannabe is a douche bag. I think his mother is holding the camera.

  15. blah said

    well i guess once again someone has waisted their time on a site to state an opinion in witch most wont care about anyways how i found myself here i do not know nor will i care but i thought id like to say i am a fan of the “crappy” hero Wolverine BUT i do say Gambit is better and for your info hes not indistructable Magneto did almost kill him by tearing all the animantium out of his body and the Hulk once riped him in half soo before saying anymore get your facts straight and lets all keep on rocking!!!!


  16. richard777 said

    Gee, relax all you Wolverine geeks. I only made this comment in passing. Chill out, I am not obsessed with hating Wolverine or anything… as many of you are in defending him. I just thought he’s character was pretty silly and this constant exploitation of super hero subjects at the BO repetitive and dull…

    Whats the bet though you all like Harry Potter and play Dungeons and Dragons and are between 13 and 25 year of age?

  17. stiff said

    are you dudes seriously arguing about comics? go out, talk to women and try to bang chicks. jesus.

  18. BULL said

    ………….moron,..complete moron.If you think Wolverine sucks,…you got problems bro.

  19. Trenton said

    Your utter ignorance of the entire character that is wolverine is mind boggling. He is not invincible for one, and for two, he was born at least 80 to 100 years before his “military project” or whatever the fuck you call it. If you actually took the time to read up on the mythos, instead of being one of those moronic shallow people. You would know that he is a much deeper character. I hope you learn to know more about something before slandering it. you are an idiot. please cease and desist.

  20. SkyWulf said

    Fuck you, Wolverine is awesome.

  21. Rolando said

    First Wolverine is awesome I’ve been a fan of the character for years.
    Second: This Richard guys seems like one of those High School Jock douche bags that just talks crap to talk crap. Maybe just trying to impress daddy for ending up gay or something who knows. As far as the whole “..like Harry Potter and play Dungeons and Dragons” comment, nice name drop, but so what people will like what they like and there is nothing you can do about it. Just go back to watching you’re little Football game, drink you’re beer and piss off.

  22. Henox said

    If you hated Wolverine so much buddy… why bother making a blog thing about him… seriously you must like him a little or you wouldnt bother writing up stuff on him

  23. JACKYBOI said


  24. tatter said

    This guy sounds like a douche. He has no clue on wolverine at all. I hink he is gay. just look at him.

  25. Smart Guy said

    First I Wanna exuse for realy bad englich,
    but however, At least wolverine Gets hurt, different from somebody like supperman; and gay he is not, a hero that is dressed in a tyd mayo is gay, like spidderman and darre devil

  26. karim said

    from where i can buy this hands ???

  27. Anonymous said

    Okay, first of all, what super hero do you like? There is no super hero with a cooler attitude than Wolverine, he is the ONLY super hero that doesn’t act all goody two shoes and shit. And also, he was most definitely NOT born of a military experiment, he had his claws(made of bone, NOT metal) and his healing factor at birth. You need to do some research before you criticize things. Wolverine is the shadiest, most mysterious super hero there ever was, hence the fact that NOBODY, not even himself knows about his past, in-turn making him likable on a high magnitude.

    Second, that movie was a huge hit. Hugh Jackman is a great actor, and noone could play wolverine better. If you didn’t like that movie, then you are either one of those girly-girls, a pussy, a metrosexual half-fag, or a full blown flamer. And as for the Terminator movie, what the FUCK does the director’s name have ANYTHING to do with the quality of the movie? That was also a great movie, whether you think so or not. Nobody wants to hear you talking crap about things like this when you have no room to talk. Like you could ever come up with a better hero than Wolverine OR like you could ever write/direct a better movie than either of the above-mentioned.

  28. khimura666 said

    where can i get a set of those i have 2 younger brothers i wish to intimidate

  29. Reign Fire said


    If you think wolverine is lame, it must be because you prefer to read She-Hulk, or watch pansies get fucked in gay porn. Fag ass bitches!

  30. your mom said

    this writer seem’s like he’s hating. Look into more on the character of logan aka wolverine. you really don’t know what the fuck you are talking about! this post is retarded. Go back to grade school you fucking mook!

  31. CaptainNapalm said

    Wow, you people are either really stupid, or really ignorant.

    Wolverine sucks because he is a cliche built on a cliche, built on a cliche.

    He’s the “rugged tuff-talkin’ alpha-male” stereotype on top of the “badass ex-marine” stereotype with a lame version of “Coolhand Luke” and a bit of some stupid “rebel without a cause” bullshit.

    He only appeals to the unwashed moronic masses who used to get picked on in school. Seriously, he represents the pathetic desires of nerds who only wish that being short, unhygenic, and antisocial would get them laid by 16 year olds (pedo) and fear, respect, and ass-kicking powers. He is everything most of you are not.

    All he is is nerd fantasy – you all have the tough talk, and what you think are “badass” attitude towards anyone who thinks otherwise, but you all only wish you too were badass ex-soldiers who could do any shit they wanted and get away with it.

    Characters like wolverine are stagnating mainstream comics. That stupid fucking healing factor is probably the most unintuitive and uncreative methods of making sure he never fucking dies.

    -Got every limb seperated by sword? – Healing factor is really REALLY strong.

    -Got shot in the head 20 times? – Healing factor isn’t a concious effort, don’t need to be concious or technically alive for it to work.

    -Got blown into absolute nothingness by a FUCKING atomic weapon? -Grr hur dur bub snikt! The healing factor iz 50 5tr0ng i7 c@n r3st0r3 3xist3nc3 i7s3lf!

    Jesus fucking christ people, don’t you morons ever get tired of the same static stupid character? Don’t you ever get bored of how he ALWAYS comes back sooner or later to fufill your stupid wisshfufillment/fornication? Are you all that uncreative and ignorant to see how much of a FUCKING one trip pony this character is?


    Rage over.

    PS, any responses that constitute more than “wovelrenine iz t3h bada55, fcuk U!” and “ur obviusly n0t awair of t3h d33p hiztry of dis shit character, yo” will be seen as somewhat redemptive of all your collective’s idiocy.

    And for those of you who can actually formulate intelligent responses, I don’t give two shits as to whatever fucktarded story arc gives him whatever brand of “deep” and “emotional” filler to warrant his blatant 2-dimensional, carboard, shitty-character-ness. It’s all there in hopes that it detrats and distracts you from how fucking stupid and overpowered this stupid cahracter is.

    He is not deep, he is not even that creative a character. He is the equivolent of a nerd Twilight in terms of wish fufillment. Go read Transmetropolitan, or something good.

  32. CaptainNapalm said

    Oh yes, and that hairstyle is fucking stupid. Sure, there are stupider ones out there, but very few make me want to anally assault him with a pair of scissors and a blow-torch. God damn it.

    Never mind the typos of the last post, I make alot of them when I type fast.

  33. Wolverine said

    I can’t wait until they make a big Blockbuster about you, entitled:
    “Mister Fuckass: He Picks Fights with Fictional Characters”

  34. anonymous said

    Well, I LOVE Wolverine, you may all hate him, if you do, You suck. And, keep it to yourself. If you don’t, you’ll expect to be hated.

  35. orochi said

    haha, funny… you call lame and gay an anti-hero who is the success basis of marvel company, so at your POV batman is gay and lame and superman is the rule, huh?? i’m not a wolverine team guy, but i like the character, not for the claws, not for the badass attitude or the background, i like it because is a very imaginative character, you can put it on every comic you want and is a total success (except the lame “amalgam” series)…

    don’t like him?? cry me a fucking river, he’s good on what he does!! and what he does? sell comic bokks, what else??

  36. marvel fan said

    ok ok so what you are entitled to you opinion. but seriously I AM A MARVEL FAN. wolverine is one of the basic mascots to an entire company. not just that his image is used at a college footbal game instead of the animal and if he sucks how come they just didn’t kill him off by now. obviously you had a fucked up childhood and are taking it out on a very famous cartoon character and the very successful people that made him so all i can say is GO FUCK OFF AND GO SUCK A DICK ASSWIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ailqka said

    You’re gay, dude 😉

  38. James said

    I will justify this pointless post with an appropriate response: RETARD!

  39. Angelintears said

    yeah.. you`re so full of shit. so what if someone likes or dislike a character.. did someone force u to watch the movie?? then why ar you so full of shit… I can`t belive how stupid can some people be….

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