Technological expediency forces the hand of fascism

March 24, 2009


Phantom of Pulp wrote this in response to my post about AIG (below):

The most sickening thing is that the non-rich are keeping the rich afloat now.

Companies unable to compete in a so-called Capitalist system should be allowed to fail. It is a myth that AIG’s failure will have a catastrophic effect on the world.

What AIG’s failure will do is have a catastrophic effect on the wealth of wealthy people.

American Motors failed and disappeared. Why shouldn’t GM?

Picking winners and losers is communistic.

I’m sure the Chinese are grinning smugly at what’s happening… and who can blame them?

I wrote a fairly detailed response so thought I’d put it as a main post.  The text follows:

Phantom always a pleasure to have you commenting…

Ayn Rand could not have put it better herself. It seems the Capitalists are deserting their own values, as their ship goes down.

Unfortunately, the Capitalist system while it has served mankind in the 20th century to some extent as a mobilising force, raising standards of living world wide in the West, and even having spill over effects into the 2nd and 3rd Worlds. Its built on foundations that guarantee eventual collapse, i.e. Fed Reserve systems, the Int. Banking apparatus, too much wealth in the hands of the wealthy, globalisation, greed and usury, etc.

This bail out is what you say it is, the non- rich are now helping the rich, by their puppets in our so called democracy, in a perversely socialist way. That’s Obama in a nutshell, Big Capital’s friendly face, to hide the scam.

Are we not living in a democracy, supposedly? When did this plutocracy of rich International bankers and swine take over the very House of our Being? The 80’s I would suggest.

As a Transcendental Fascist I look forward to a Phoenix rising from the ruins of this end State Capitalism. Fascism is the only option left on the table, as I have stated on odd occasions. It protects and maintains Western civilisation, and has its own theories of individualism, vitalism and productivity. It also does not need to reflect the racism of Nazism, and can work as well in Asia, Sth America or Africa, as it can in the West. It also need not be as totalitarian as it has in the past. An right wing anarchism (Transcendental Fascism) can be a force for salvation and liberation in our tired times…

It is partly socialist, i.e. State interference, in its opposition to usury, and capable of building a stable currency based on productivity, labour and a recognisable standard of currency. Just look at Mussolini, Franco, Pinochet and Hitler’s regimes economically. All very sound, out of a crisis just like our own. Fascist’s transcend economics by a mythological sense of mission and national programs, amongst other methods. In the end money is of a value a National or International Government decides that it is worth. Simple really. It’s a completely illusionary force. And these failed companies can simply be acquired, and taken over, and made to work for the people when they fail.

The ones that work can continue to do so independently. The failed ones become state run.

While having socialist leanings a transcendental fascism is not stupid enough to want to liberate the Fanonian ‘Wretched of the Earth’ or end concepts of order and hierarchy. To do so, if the Communists where given the chance, would only despoil whatever is left of our fragile planet.  Through methods like over population, pollution/global warming, and inevitable resource depletion. These are the three major threats to humanity as a whole, and communists would err on the wrong side of the leger through their absurd ideology, even quicker than the Capitalists. The era of equality is over. It’s an untenable philosophical system. It threatens all of us. Like a life boat, and everyone on a ship jumping on it. Result, we all drown. The world is full of inequality, always has been. We should just embrace and accept it, and find the appropriate leaders, and dynamic elites not just based around money, for every nation. We should build as many life boats as possible and that are sustainable, and help decide who goes on them. It’s a tough decision, certainly, forced on us by technological expediency and progress beyond our control. The technological genie is out of the bottle, and its not going back. Its created such vast inequalities of civilisation its not even worth going into. But, that’s another issue….for another post.
We will have enough trouble roping in and suppressing the West’s hidden enemies in the 21st century, i.e. India and China. Russia could maybe help this situation for us, and the rising fascism there is a hopeful sign ‘o the times.

The people who complain now about the world economic collapse are all the little greedy piggy’s who have profited by playing the system, and who are worried about their millions going down the gurgler. Is the normal worker, or even middle class bureaucrat, affected by this crisis, as yet? No… not until more jobs are lost, or the system completely collapses. Now, is the time to act and seize power from the Capitalists, before a full blown Depression descends in the next three years.

As to the little piggy’s, perhaps we can be inspired by the poetry of music. I’m reminded of an album title from Death in June, a friend’s band. What was that album title? “All Pigs must die”. All is a bit extreme, but some might be a necessary passage to the revolutionary act of saving Western civilisation.

2 Responses to “Technological expediency forces the hand of fascism”

  1. Billy Nero said

    “Fascist’s transcend economics by a mythological sense of mission and national programs, amongst other methods.”

    Slave labour, redistribution of wealth through theft, genocide of the previous owners of that wealth, eugenic murder to save money and free up other state resources, eugenic breeding of superior workers, territorial expansion to increase primary resources and add to the slave labour force…did I leave anything out?

  2. richard777 said

    Redistribution of Wealth is also a communist ideal. So, too Slave labour, so too genocide, so too territorial expansion, etc.

    There is nothing here that cannot be said of the Left. Indeed, the Left’s copy book is far bloodier than the Right in the 20th century.

    Any new fascism should of course avoid the excesses of Nazism. I have said that over and over again. Take Mussolini, he is not guilty of many of the above claims?

    Anyway some redistribution of wealth in today’s society might be a good idea?

    RE: “Fascist’s transcend economics by a mythological sense of mission and national programs, amongst other methods”. By this statement I meant none of your above accusations…I meant jobs for all through building and infrastructure projects, I meant a resurgence of National Community through a sense of purpose and mission, a meant replacing the emptiness of Capitalism with a new philosophically elite of the most talented and gifted to lead the nation forward, I meant a true meritocracy, I meant societal palingenesis, I meant placing real art at the centre of community and culture, etc.

    Your accusations are the usual complaints wheeled out by those who cannot, and don’t want to think beyond the past, or see and engage future political ideas and possibilities. Its a cheap shot and you know it. Its simple aim is to stop anyone one from trying to discuss such ideas. Its also counter revolutionary and dull.

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