Fascism is Sexy

April 21, 2008

Don’t you think? It has acquired a real chic, deep intellectual appeal and glamour in the early 21st century…

But Sexy?

Well, at least these photos are, of young Croatian, female fascists. Notice the Ustase tattoo in the later on the girls inviting hip.

Women and Fascism is an interesting topic I have been exploring recently. Previously understood as mostly a male dominated movement, transcendental tendencies of the Great Mother and the Jungian Female Archetype have long been part of Fascist body politic. I’ll post about some of these ideas later, here on Idea Fix, where Fascism is discussed openly, playfully, honestly and forthrightly!… the same way the Left has long had the right and the privilege to openly discuss its ideas and ideology and the many grand and differing traditions that have feed off Marxism, Communism and Socialism.

But really we all know Fascism is all about Sex, don’t we, by now? Or do we?

2 Responses to “Fascism is Sexy”

  1. Dušan said

    dobre ribe, ali bez mozga.

  2. astroalex said

    fashionable, fascist, catholic and cute! Is this the future?

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