Fascist ‘Poglavenik’ Pavelic in Croatian Restaurant Controversy

April 13, 2008

Congratulations to Croatian restaurant Katarina Zrinski for heeding Idea Fix’s call for more Fascist leader portraits to be hung in Melbourne restaurants. See here. They have started what is surely to be a hip new dining trend, by hanging a portrait of Croatian Poglavenik ( Leader) Ante Pavelic! While blood thirsty butchers of the left like Mao and Stalin are ubiquitous and hanging everywhere across Melbourne restaurants, the fascist leader poster issue is still a “hot tomali” of cultural Political Correctness.

In the on going reformation of Fascist political theory, this most noble of ideas must be viewed historically as a bull wark against the dread leveling of Communism and Socialism. Most Fascist leaders must be viewed, at least in part, as commendable, as they stood up for their individual Nations in the fight against Communism – the true Terror of the 20th century.

Pavelic is no angel and has the usual scoreboard of offences against various minorities, but he founded the modern State of Croatia and is clearly a Croatian National hero. Hence his poster boy image at Croatian clubs and restaurant. And Compared to Mao he is a virtual Saint!

The local Jewish community are complaining about the Croatian restaurant. But until they ask for portraits of Mao and Stalin to be removed from Restaurants… how can the community have a problem with minor human rights offenders, by comparison, like Pavelic. Do the Jewish community only complain because their own ethnic identity and Nationalism is contested by their ancestors treatment at the hands of certain misguided Fascist regime’s of yore? The Jewish community proudly has its own National State of Israel now, that, it could be argued, is more Nationalistic than Croatia even. We applaud the State of Israel here at Idea Fix and welcome all Jewish people and thinkers into the new Transcendental Fascist Internationale. You are our friends, we love and respect your people, religion, culture and the great Nation of Israel. Yes, mighty Israel fought for with heroic Jewish old fighters in a swelter of blood and iron. Any future fascist’s should say ‘sorry’ for the past excesses of over zealous and misguided leaders of history, but naturally acknowledge this is hardly enough to make up for past errors. The Tribes of Israel are clearly part of the Indo-European geo-political block. In a sense we are all Jews now. But I feel the vocal Jewish Community cannot complain when heroes of the Nationalist movements are made objects of pop culture or National pride, apropos like many in the Left. Fascism, or a new variant there of, is an exciting subject for cultural renewal. While we must acknowledge its past errors and mistakes (no greater than many Left Errors of the USSR?) and look forward to a bright future, with Zion as our staunch ally. We completely support the right of Jewish restaurants to put up portraits of even their own most right wing leaders like Sharon and others, but you cannot dictate the sources of other’s Nationalistic origin or Pride. To do so is hypocritical, retrograde and unproductive.

Plus its only a poster people, lighten up…

Do not back down Melbourne Croatian club, fight the good fight and do not allow anyone to dictate your sources of National pride, all the while acknowledging your proud position in the great Australian experiment.

Here is an Age good food guide review of the restaurant here.

Here is an article on the controversy here.

And here is some info on Ante Pavelic and his anti communist Ustase here.

Katarina Zrinski… you just picked up a new customer! I highly recommend Idea Fix readers to do the same… for the simple act of defiance against the dangerous Left wing hero worship of the likes of Mao. Dine happy under the Poglavenik’s ever watchful eye. Dobar Tek!

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