Mosley’s Nazi Spanking Party

April 9, 2008

Oswald Mosley’s son, Max holds a London Nazi bondage party and gets into all kinds of scheisse. Where was my invite? Only joking, it looks like a pretty dull scene, see above.

This story is rather amusing and I’ve been meaning to write a post on it for a few days.

Here is story details:

“On 30 March 2008 the News of the World, a British tabloid newspaper, reported that Mosley had engaged in sexual acts with five prostitutes in a scenario that involved Nazi role-playing. The TimesSir Stirling Moss stated that despite his wish for Mosley to stay, he believed his position to be untenable. ITV commentator and reported a call for his resignation from the director of the Holocaust Centre. Sunday Times columnist Martin Brundle, who was recently the subject of a libel action brought by Mosley, said, “It’s not appropriate behaviour for the head of any global body such as the FIA.” Mosley received the support of Bernie Ecclestone who said, “Assuming it’s all true, what people do privately is up to them. I don’t honestly believe [it] affects the sport in any way. Knowing Max it might be all a bit of a joke. You know, it’s one of those things where he’s sort of taking the piss, rather than anything against Jewish people.” On 31 March, Ecclestone continued to argue that Mosley should not resign, but said it would be inappropriate for him to attend the next F1 event, the 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Mosley responded to the allegations on the 1 April in a letter sent to all presidents of the national FIA clubs, all members of the FIA Senate and the World Motor Sport Council. In the letter he apologises for “the embarrassment the revelations caused” and claims that the allegations are part of a “covert” operation to discredit him. He describes the claims that he took part in Nazi role-playing as “entirely false”, and condemns what he calls the tabloid’s “unwarranted invasion” of his privacy. Mosley has said that he is pursuing legal action against the News of the World and has succeeded in having a related video removed from the paper’s website.

On 3 April Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, wrote to Mosley informing him that it would be inappropriate for the FIA president to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix. The same day BMW and Mercedes-Benz released a joint statement asking for a response from the FIA, the statement commented that “The content of the publications is disgraceful. As a company, we strongly distance ourselves from it”. Mosley responded to BMW and Mercedes by highlighting their involvement in the Second World War, adding “I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications”. He also questioned why neither BMW nor Mercedes had contacted him to ascertain if the allegations were true Honda asked the FIA to reach an “immediate decision in the best interests of F1 and Motorsport” Toyota was also critical of any “behaviour which could be seen to damage Formula One’s image”.

Mosley has announced an extraordinary general assembly of the FIA to discuss the allegations surrounding his private life, to take place “on the earliest practicable date.” Some FIA member car clubs have expressed their opinions; Germany’s ADAC asked Mosley to “reconsider” his position, Israel‘s MEMSI said it was “shocked” about the allegations, KNAF of the Netherlands announced its intention to vote for Mosley’s resignation and The American Automobile Association said it “would be in the best interest of all concerned if he were to step down.” A different opinion comes from the Brazilian motorsport federation, Confederacao Brasileira De Automobilismo (CBA). Its President, Paulo Eneas Scaglione, has said that FIA President Max Mosley has a right to privacy in his private life and should go on and complete his mandate, if he chooses to do so.” – wikipedia

I have included scenes from the tape itself above. Very plain and boring S&M party with ugly Dom’s and a creepy old dude (Mosley, jnr) acting out a stale S&M scenario. Our weekly parties at Hellfire in the 90’s with everyone in their twenties and beautiful make this party look like a joke! If this is how the elite parties, they need some lessons. Eyes Wide Shut, is how I imagined the Nazi sex orgy to be, not some crap British tenement and pedestrian flogging antics..

Its funny really, fascism has always had a strong connection to S&M. I openly admit that is one of the reasons fascism interests me, the Transcendental variety, of course. Its a political expression of Sadomasochism in many ways – dominance, submission, power play, control, chaos, etc. I find admitting this dimension of fascism only strengthens its truth. Most fascists are perverts, like a lot of interesting people generally are…

I wonder what his father British Union of Fascist leader Oswald Mosley would have thought? He had a much better run at it. His parties looked like more fun. See picture below.

2 Responses to “Mosley’s Nazi Spanking Party”

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  2. Wolfgang Schulze said

    Ich habe trotz meiner Bedenken den Trick angewenden: ist ein wirklich gut gemachter Cheat zum Überlisten von Spielautomaten

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