Our Tibet

April 8, 2008

Trouble on the roof of World. We have seen riots in Tibet, crack downs by the Chinese authorities, media outrage, censorship from China plus the Chinese Government’s own position on the struggle. This all comes conveniently during China’s Olympic Year. Designed, I imagine to make Western democracies Olympic teams reconsider their travel plans this August.

So what are we dealing with?

First you have China. A Communist country slowly going Capitalist with a vast swarming population and a human rights record that would make Genghis Khan blush. China makes claims on Tibet that go back to the Ming dynasty and beyond.

Then you have the idea of a free Tibet ruled spiritually by non violence recommending religious leader, the Dalai Lama in exile. Many Tibetans claim China is an invading brutal Colonial force and want a Free Tibet under the Lama’s rule. China claims the Lama is backed by the CIA and MI5 to put a wedge in the Western part of China’s land.

What is needed here, as I have said what is needed in the Middle East, is a real U.N… with Teeth. An International peace keeping force that wields real power and will chill out both sides and bring a level of Western decency and civilisation back into this ugly situation.

I consider Tibet a Western asset, so I back the Dalai Lama. The Indo European’s from which most Europeans are descended are supposed to have appeared in this region of the world thousands of years ago. The writings of George Dumezil, Mircea Eliade and many others document this immigration of the Ancient tribes. Moving through India, the Middle East and then into Europa and Scandanavia. The Indo-European’s are the true owners of Tibet. The rule of the Dalai Lama will not be perfect, but as the West backs him, he will be our puppet in the region and his rule is vastly preferable to Chinese barbarism.

I support the Boycott of the Olympics and applaud all who have tried to dim the flame from these Eastern fools. The flame parade is now in doubt in many countries, it looks like, including Oz. China should not be welcome as hosts of the Olympics with their retrogarde antics, death penalty frenzy and the brutal oppression in Tibet and of Falun Gong. The rumblings about Taiwan are also disturbing. Move the Olympics to another civilised venue, like the last venue Greece or even Sydney, again?!

Fuck China. Fuck the Chinese people, too! Simply, for allowing their Government to behave in such a brutish way. After over 60 years of Communist crimes and atrocities, we must blame the Chinese people for their Government. The Germans copped enough shit for their 12 year Nazi regime. But no one points out the slavish, peasant minded Chinese people and their slobbering and groveling to this suckling pig of an abusive Government. I love China and its customs but it is about time the Government of China and its people woke up and see what century they are living in.

Tibet is ours.

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