Ice – It’s a dirty drug… but someone’s got to do it

March 5, 2008


In its usual vast stupidity, the Victorian Government has spent 600,000 of tax payer gelt on a campaign that says “Ice – Its a Dirty Drug”. As Kristen Condon, my erstwhile female consort pointed out to me, the copy is a play on “Its a Dirty Job, but someone’s got to do it”. So, like my posts on Idea Fix about creepy ads, the message of the billboard is subconsciously this – go out and take ice. Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it. How’s that for stupid? What ad genius thought that one up for a giggle?

Also, when is describing anything as dirty… a bad thing? I picked up this really dirty magazine. I saw this really dirty movie. I just had really dirty sex. That all sounds pretty cool to me?

The double message this ad sends out is Machiavellian. Ice, from what I have heard, is not a good drug. I have never tried it and most likely never will. From what I hear people seem to age fast on it, go a bit psycho and also get very bad skin. Some clubber friends from the good ol’ Hellfire days have tried it and the reviews aren’t all bad, some say its cool in small doses, but to be careful as its very addictive. It just sounds like some kind of uber Speed to me, which sounds gross. Ice might be good for Rufus Wainwright getting a cock up his ass or that guy from Grinspoon bemoaning his addiction to get extra press, but like Heroin, we at Idea Fix recommend giving Ice a wide birth. Its not a dirty drug, its just a stupid, destructive one.

But hey like Crowley said “Do what though wilt, shall be the whole of the law”. Drugs should all be legal and sold at the fucking Chemist with a doctor’s prescription. Drug use is a victimless crime of personal choice. Why we don’t legalise and tax it is beyond me? Apart from all the massive black market corruption, that exists and that finds its way into well documented corrupt law enforcement and I wager to the less well documented Capitalist politician’s greedy paws, drug prohibition is pointless. From ending this absurd drug war any Government will make a mountain of green from the tax revenue and also be able to put Police resources where their needed most, protecting civilians from the Barbarians that are inside our gates. Fresh rivers of money will flow to rebuild, redesign and truly reshape society. It works well partially in Amsterdam and that country has not slid of the face of Western Civilisation. Go the whole hog, end drug Prohibition.

A standing dictum and economic strategy of Transcendental Fascism is the legalisation of all drugs – full stop. Of course, drug counseling and state run rehab will be increased and initiatives introduced providing addicts with a life worth living beyond addiction in huge social programs that would be de riguer of a Transcendental Fascist future. Let’s end this second prohibition and the absurd and utterly ineffectual war on drugs. Let’s remove the crime element and pour the vast funds from the legal sale of drugs through Chemists (or new legal Drug Boutiques?) into vital, vigorous and Being orientated cultural and social programs. These initiatives will give people a real reason to stay off drugs. i.e a socially rewarding and culturally authentic life.

A second Greece awaits us! Athens reborn! We have the technology and (if only) the will… to free large portions of the population of the Planet from the Protestant need to work. We can once again spend lives purely in pursuit of art, culture and philosophy. Democracy and Communism are tied down in materialistic emptiness and dread levelling. Only a daring new free and open political force can free us from History as its been played out as metaphysics. We can end all class struggle in some societies, in a unified utopian vision. This vision is perfect for select countries like Australia, Sweden, Holland, Pacific Islands and many countries elsewhere in Asia, Africa, the America’s and Europe. This freedom will not be for everyone world wide, though, that is the Transcendental Fascist price of freedom. No absurd equality for all humanity. An impossible and planet destroying dream if ever there was one? Only the best, most vital and noble societies shall prosper in the upper heights of the new Releasement. We can live beyond the usury and dialectical materialism of this foolish economically driven world. True freedom awaits. Economics and materialism is nothing but a means to an end. A means to a way out of the forgetfulness of Being. It is ontologically possible, if we mobilise in the correct manner. Like Rocket Scientist and occultist Jack Parson’s once said, “Freedom is a double edge sword”. Transcendental Fascism or some variation on its theme, as I’m want to tell many, is the only way forward…

But I digress, these prescriptive ads from the Government, I believe, only serve to promote the allure of Ice to teenagers happy with booze or pot. Its dirty, hey, Corey, let’s try that when Mum and Dad are away this weekend at your party…

Poor fools.

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