Wolstencroft banned from “Controversies on Film” series for being too Controversial!

February 29, 2012


Melbourne Underground Film Festival Media Release:


Censorship at Melbourne Free University

Thursday March 1st


To Whom it May Concern,


I’ve just found out I have been banned from this evenings “Controversies on Film” series put on by the MFU at Long Play in North Fitzroy.


Read on:


Breaking News: I have just found out that I have been banned from the venue of Melbourne Free University series “Controversies on Film”. Apparently the Socialist Alliance had threatened to protest and the venue baulked. At least that is the official story.


I plan to try and move the event to a nearby Venue. I shall also be alerting local media to this censorship.


Details on the event:




Melbourne Free University tweet:




The venue that has cancelled the event:




The Official Text on the Event from MFU:


“Plenty of Reasons to Stop Worrying and Love Pornography: Can Pornography Save Cinema?


(Tyson Namow in conversation with Richard Wolstencroft,

Australian Filmmaker and Festival Director)



Screening: Trailer for Richard Wolstencroft’s The Last Days of Joe Blow (2012)


Synopsis: Controversial filmmaker, curator, festival director and cultural and political trouble maker Richard Wolstencroft will delve into the wonderful world of pornography. He will advocate for the social, artistic, cultural, aesthetic and political significance of what is arguably the most neglected product of latter day Western Capitalist culture. In addition, he will demonstrate how Australia has one of the worst Free Speech records when it comes to pornographic material. Wolstencroft will also show footage and a trailer from his up-coming feature on the pornography business The Last Days of Joe Blow and discuss the making of this new documentary and his personal experience witnessing the porn biz in LA’s The Valley.”


There had been rumors of a political correct and ideological nature causing trouble with this event for about a week or two.


If anyone would like to contact me about this ban please do so.


A new Venue is being organized this morning so this event WILL be going ahead. With or without MFU’s involvement whose exact position on this Censorship and Banning has yet to be revealed.


Best Regards


Richard Wolstencroft



(Call for Entries now on)


P.0.Box 822,

Sth Yarra, 3141

e: richardm777@yahoo.com

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