Leather MUFF

April 6, 2011

Presented by MUFF, Melbourne Leather Pride Festival and Mystery MUFF

“Leather MUFF”

Curator/notes: Richard Wolstencroft

Richard Wolstencroft (nee Masters from Hellfire) and MUFF have been asked by the MLPF to put together a little mini retrospective of some fascinating cutting edge cinema dealing with the gloriously sexually sophisticated world of sadomasochism. The selection is to be called Leather MUFF. Here are the films:

Maria Beatty’s Lesbian Fetish Films

About Maria Beatty, what can we say? Feminist, surrealist, avant gardist, intellectual… and lesbian! Two films for your delectation: Ladies of the Night -Les Vampyres, is the story of a school girl captured by vampires to be tortured until dawn. And “The Black Glove”  reminiscent of the silent film era, creating a whole new category of film, erotic noir. Bondage and foot worship culminate in hot wax torture, leaving the slave begging for mercy.

Going Under  Dir Eric Werrthmen

This starkly beautiful award-winning film illuminates the dark world of S&M, fetishized eroticism, and the disturbing consequences of blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Great film from 2004 about the fetish life style and where to draw the line.

Education Anglaise  Dir Jean Claude Roy

After the deaths of her parents Sylvie is entrusted to her uncle, a libertine who has two women – one of whom is played by French erotic superstar Brigitte Lahaie. Sylvie is sent to a strict boarding school. The school readily and willingly resorts to a very strict regime of correction and corporal punishment to discipline its female pupils and the young girls compensate for the rigors of their education by devoting themselves to all other kinds of kinky stuff. A rare gem.

De Sade Double Feature:

De Sade Dir: Cy Endfield

Wild biopic from the 70’s with Keir Dullea as De Sade and John Huston as his debauched Uncle. We follow Sade from the prison to parlor and back again as the Divine Marquis gets up to all kinds of mischief.

Justine Dir Chris Boger

Based on the Marquis de Sade’s infamous novel “Justine: The Misfortunes of Virtue”, Chris Boger’s classic film is a dark tale of sexual depravity and Sadean excess. Royal plaything Koo Stark stars as a virtuous innocent whose chosen path of goodness is thwarted at every turn by her cunning and amoral sister, Juliette (Lydia Lisle) whose debauched lifestyle finds her only happiness.

Advocate of Fagdom + the new short about The Hellfire Club directed by Mark Bakaitis!

Two new documentaries: One on the esteemed Mr Bruce La Bruce (of the recent LA Zombie controversy) and directed by Angelique Bosio. This great film tells you all you need to know to be introduced to amazing cinema art of Bruce LaBruce and own his influential and transgressive cultural impact. The other is a new short doco about the Melbourne Hellfire club by Mark Bakaitis of Narcosys fame to be played before Advocate of Fagdom.

Here are the times and venues:

Owl & Pussycat, 34 Swan Street Richmond

April 10 – 9pm Maria Beatty’s Lesbian Fetish Films

April 11 – 9pm Going Under (Bondage Film)

April 12 – 9pm Education Anglaise (Rare french spanking film)

Eagle Leather, 80 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford

April 19 – 9pm De Sade Double Feature (see above)

Blue Velvet, 60 Smith Street, Collingwood:

Sunday April 24- .7.30pm Advocate for Fagdom (about Bruce LaBruce) and The Hellfire Documentary short by Mark Bakaitis. (To be followed by the Hellfire Club at 9.30pm to late all at cool Smith Street venue Blue Velvet. Richard’s birthday too!).

What a mix, Hellfire and MUFF! Or Leather MUFF to be exact. Get with it fetish hipsters…

Leather Pride catalogs out now!

One Response to “Leather MUFF”

  1. Sounds like a penetrating exercise in sexual anarchy.

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