Hellfire Easter ’11 in Melbourne @ Blue Velvet

April 5, 2011

The next Hellfire event in Melbourne:

The Male Domination Party

Sunday April 24 @ Blue Velvet, 60 Smith street, Collingwood


Hellfire is back in 2011 and glad to be a part of the Melbourne Leather Pride Festival. And controversial as ever:


Males are the Dominant gender of our species and its time we put women back in their place this century…that place being, right over male knees! And what better club to lead the male counter-revolution than Hellfire! Gen Y’ers and above get the cheeks of cheeky lasses ready for a little spanking and discipline or even be prepared to tie femmes to the rack for an overdue taste of the lash. And what the hell! Some women like to be dominated so let’s give them what they want. Female Doms who punish woman or men? Of course, you are welcome to add a little necessary balance and flavor to our sadomasochistic singularity destabilization orgy. Our tribute to Female Domination is coming soon don’t worry. It’s also Richard Master’s Birthday Party so look out for extra mayhem!


When: Sunday April 24 (Easter Sunday, public holiday Monday)

Where: Blue Velvet, 60 Smith street, Collingwood, ph. 9415.9800


DJ’s David Thrussell and friends playing to late.


Bonus Leather MUFF Film screening: Advocate for Fagdom about Bruce LaBruce and The Hellfire Documentary short by Mark Bakaitis at 7.30pm. To be followed by the Hellfire Club at 9.30pm to late all at cool Smith Street venue Blue Velvet!

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