MUFF 12 Call for Entries… and Bloodfest Fantastique!

January 24, 2011

MUFF 12: The Call for Entries.

Yikes all you zombies!

Your favorite trouble making Independent Australian Film Festival is back to cause fresh headlines and make waves in 2011.

That’s right MUFF 12 is now Calling for Entries!

MUFF has survived criticism, condemnation, censorship, public outrage, Police Raids, stalkers and yet is still miraculously standing ( a little wobbly granted) and back for more trouble in ‘11. You know you love it!

MUFF is fast becoming (and maybe already is already?) the most cutting edge and relevant independent film festival Australia has to offer. MUFF has what many other festivals would like but don’t have: Programming and editorial integrity. Oh, and some balls. You heard right some guts! Our rep is well earned after 11 festivals discovering the new voice in Australian cinema, fighting for freedom of speech and avant garde ideas and telling it like is about the state of the local Australian Film Industry.

Things have been looking up in the local film scene with the MUFF lead ‘turn to genre’ beginning to take hold with Animal Kingdom, The Loved Ones and Red Hill gaining world wide respect and praise and out shining the dull PC offerings that still turn up every now and then.

Good news: MUFF is here to continue the fight.

We are calling for Entries for our esteemed 12th festival. Down load the new Entry form here:

You have until: June 15, 2011 to get those entries in for MUFF 12 which will enter in to Being in late August.

MUFF 11 was our biggest and most successful event yet and MUFF 12 is going to surpass that and kick the ass of Australian and World cinema mediocrity. So get your boots on Indy cinema brethren and lets get a kickin’.

Get those Entries in.

But that’s not all! Two BIG announcements:

Mystery MUFF:

After the success of the naughty LA Zombie screening we are holding a new series of special event and one off screenings of cutting edge and controversial world cinema. We will be holding special monthly or bi monthly or so screenings to be called Mystery MUFF. You will not know the film until you get there. But I can assure you it will be worth it. The first event is coming soon, so stand by for details there. Join The Mystery MUFF Facebook group  and stand by for details.

Bloodfest Fantastique: The new MUFF Horror and Science Fiction Film Festival.

Starting in late May will be new MUFF spin off event/festival specifically focusing on the wonderful genres of Horror and Science Fiction that we all love so much. Its name: Bloodfest Fantastique. Groovy Ghoulies! You can enter your Horror or Sci Fi Indy film here. You can enter it even if it has played MUFF the last two years. This new Horror and Sci Fi film festival will soon be a Premiere local event for blood, gore and science fiction geeks and fans. And you know that means most of us! Entries for Bloodfest Fantastique close on Friday March 18th. Muhhahaa. (Evil Laughter). Too cool!

One Response to “MUFF 12 Call for Entries… and Bloodfest Fantastique!”

  1. Peter Raine said

    very interesting and so appropriate to the subject matter of the Festival.Excellent.!

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