Letter of Support from Toronto International Film Festival Director Noah Cowan

November 19, 2010

We just received this at MUFF HQ.

5 Responses to “Letter of Support from Toronto International Film Festival Director Noah Cowan”

  1. Dee Shanger (Exp't'l filmmaker; Toronto/Iceland) said

    Right on bro!!! I agree & this filmmaker wishes to add my name supporting this OPEN LETTER!!! Censorship sucks and MUFF is right in doing what they did by screening L.A. Zombie on August 29th. The police had two-months after this now legendary MUFF screening to do “something,” but did nothing. Then just recently, a mere two-weeks before a state election in Victoria, the police – who did not have the right to do this – raided MUFF director’s Richard Wolfstencroft’s home searching for a copy of L.A. Zombie. Politrickin’ eh? Tsk. Tsk.

    When will they ever learn, when you ban something, then everyone wants to see it!!! Thanx for this TIFF!!!
    . ..:))):…

  2. Rupert said

    Dear Richard,

    I was wondering if you would be interested in coming to our institute and talking at our orientation day in early Feb 2011? If this sound like an initiative you may fancy, please reply to this comment via my email embedded in the comment form.

    Kind regards

  3. richard777 said

    Sure. Email me details at: richardm777@yahoo.com

  4. Rupert said

    Thanks Richard! I have your email address now and will contact you just after all the New Year business, so you can delete the response above, I am to believe spam bots love an exposed email address on the net. Thanks again and will be in touch soon.


  5. […] was written up everywhere from the New York Times to The Advocate. Nicest of all, though, was a personal letter of support from Noah Cowan of the Toronto International Film Festival, which screened the film earlier this […]

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