The Beautiful and Damned at the Australian Film Festival

February 18, 2010

A Premiere as Big as The Ritz:

You are cordially invited to the New South Wales Premiere of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned directed by Australian filmmaker and troublemaker Richard Wolstencroft.

Details:  The Australian Film Festival – Friday March 5 at 9 pm – The Ritz. 43-47 St Pauls Street Randwick NSW 2031 Tickets 13$  (02) 9399 5722.

Starring Ross Ditcham, Kristen Condon, Norman Yemm, Paul Moder, John Brumpton, Zen Ledden, Frank Howson, Peter Christopherson, Alex Spalck, Peter Lesley, Colin and Mark Savage and Michael Carman. Written for the screen and directed by Richard Wolstencroft (Fest Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and founder of the Australian Hellfire Club). It’s F. Scott Fitzgerald for the 21st century filtered through a feel for the books of Bret Easton Ellis as an orgy of decadence and debauchery unfolds involving drugs, sex, depravity and violence as a young trust fund couple jet set and rocket their way down the road of excess to their glamorous doom. The life styles of the rich and vacuous  are exposed in all their entropy, ecstasy and ennui. A perfect portrait of the morally bankrupt and empty 00’s from one of Australia’s most dynamic and vital directorial voices. Don’t miss this special Sydney Premiere.

A Premiere as Big as The Ritz

One Response to “The Beautiful and Damned at the Australian Film Festival”

  1. Anton said

    Is The beautiful and damned movie available on DVD? Can’t find it anywhere (I’m very interested to watch).

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