The Moronic New Wave of Gangster Rap

February 8, 2010

I was watching Rage on the weekend. I saw a series of modern rap songs. I like some rap, especially of the political variety like Public Enemy and even hard-core gangsta rap of Schooly D, etc. But I find this new school of mainstream gangster rap of Jay Z, Nivea, 50 cent, etc., so passe. They are simple ads for Capitalism and conspicuou…s consumption. Most modern rap artists display their wealth in their videos betraying their peasant origins in its ostentation. Each video has the bling, creepy black thugs, booty shaking sluts, cristal, Rolex, hot cars, et al,… yawn. They are sickeningly conservative and dull expressions of a lifestyle most blacks never experience. They also promote a moronic view of the gangster life style. The rappers are also managed by greedy money-grubbing scumbags even worse than the artists. I find this type of music culture destructive, incredibly moronic and deeply counter revolutionary. End Fragment.

Here is but one example from 50 cent:

One Response to “The Moronic New Wave of Gangster Rap”

  1. you could just listen to the beat of those high bass from Rap songs, i just like rap songs :*`

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