Daybreakers Gets the thumbs Up

February 8, 2010

I saw the vampire film “Daybreakers” from The Speirig Brothers, Aussie lads whose shorts we played at MUFF a few years back. Great genre flick and it feels like the first of new wave of Ozploitation pictures that we need. Clever take on the vampire myth that sees a fascist vampire totalitarian future where we are hunted and …farmed for blood. Apart from some slight clunky script/story moments I felt it was very good and recommended. Shits on the Twilight/New Moon and most of these teen vampire BS movies from great heights. It’s at least an original twist and take on the vampire film. But it will not do as well, of course, as Twilight. Why you ask? A: Because people are stupid. Hawke and Karvan are fine. Defoe is fun. Sam Neil channels Bela in a few scenes as the bad fascist vampire. Vince Colosimo is note worthy as a duplicitous vampire. I liked the subtext of rare human blood being compared to our own peak oil situation in the film. Nicely Done.

Trailer can be viewed here:

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