MUFF 11 Call for Entries – still fostering a new voice in Indy cinema

January 17, 2010

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival is proud to officially announce the dawn of its eleventh year in this exciting new decade. The call for entries to the 2010 festival has now officially opened for all national and international films, and the MUFF team is buckling down and prepping for the announcement of new festival plans, events, and of course, the 2010 MUFF theme.

The 2009 festival, MUFF X, went off with a like a pair of Yemenis exploding underpants in last August under the theme of ‘MUFF ATTACKS’. The tenth in a long line of transgressive MUFFs held in Melbourne and directed by veteran filmmaker/troublemaker Richard Wolstencroft, MUFF X continued the proud tradition of offering an underground alternative to mainstream contemporary cinema in Australia. With a focus on spotlighting Australian-made independent feature films, many of which are swept under the cultural rug because of a lack of government or industry support.

Major MUFF X awards were taken out by Nathan Chrisoffel’s sci-fi epic Eraser Children (which has since enjoyed award-winning screening as the opening film of the Fantastic Planet Film Festival), Dominic Deacon’s exploitation flick Bad Habits (which has recently secured American DVD distribution) and Andrew Scarano’s documentary Into the Shadows, which has played at cinemas all over the country since its premiere.

So great was the success of the 2009 festival that the MUFF team are ready to jump straight back in for another round of subverting the OZ cinema status quo. Plans are already underway at undisclosed locations and wheels are in motion to make MUFF 11 bigger, better with added bite in the year to come. Expect more guests, meaner films, more awards for shorts and our aggressive and unique retrospectives. The call for entries is open for both shorts and features of all varieties, with entry details to be found on the MUFF website.

The MUFF team look forward to seeing you all for another year of deviancy, debauchery and damned good Indy entertainment at the 11th annual festival! Get to it boppers!

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