My Father Died – RIP David Wolstencroft

September 27, 2009

My father died a week ago September 20 after his heart stopped for maybe up to half an hour a few days before. It’s been a terrible time. One of the worst things that can happen in life. I’m pretty inconsolable.

Family and friends have been looking after me. And I them…

Here is some pictures of David William Wolstencroft – 1942-2009, aka  The Aussie Auditor, “Woofer”, “Rain Man”, and my dear old Dad.

I’ll publish my speech from his Service, last Thursday, sometime soon.

See you Dad! If there is anything after this life, I’ll find you…

Meanwhile, I’m off to the US this week as a guest of The 10th F. Scott Fitzgerald Festival in Baltimore. I am throwing myself back into some work and travel  to help me move on. Normal posts will return here shortly.


2 Responses to “My Father Died – RIP David Wolstencroft”

  1. Nice one, Richard.

    Take time to grieve.

  2. Ell said

    Sorry for your loss Richard, your Dad looked like a great bloke. Peace to you.

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