Jake Wilson refuses to eat MUFF

August 26, 2009

Here is a link to Jake Wilson’s review of MUFF. See here.

Its his usual part hostile approach to it. But, its better than Adrian Martin’s purely hostile approach, I suppose…

He says our Open Letter doesn’t hold water but can’t really say why. His objections are clearly dealt with in the document itself. He also hardly gives us credit for being one of the few people who has the guts to say anything about the state of the OZ film industry. He’s too busy busy sipping latte’s with the likes of Michelle Carey, dullard, MIFF programmer and Senses of Cinema cultural gate keeper.

Here is my Facebook post on the matter currently stirring up debate. Will post some choice responses later…

“Jake Wilson being a semi cunt (again) as he continues in his eternal quest to be Adrian Martin. But, at least he covers the festival and he did program a MUFF section in the past, so he can’t be all bad! Haha. He also attempted to engage with th e Open Letter this year, which was nice, though he dismissed it. Last year’s Manifesto on Ontological cinema had him bamboozled… as he knows zero of Heidegger. Funny that!”




5 Responses to “Jake Wilson refuses to eat MUFF”

  1. Hey, fair crack of the whip. At least he’s given you coverage, which is more than what I’ve done (and apologise – I’ve been meaning to give you a plug but have been too busy and sick). I think that article is pretty fair really, and is probably kinder than I would be, much as I support what you do. All the best!

  2. richard777 said

    Just venting Paul. I do that a lot, I’m sure you’ve noticed… my therapist thinks its good for me (joke).

    Jake’s not so bad, of course. But why shouldn’t critics get a little criticism every now and then, huh? Its not personal, as I’m sure his MUFF criticism isn’t.

    As for you you slack bastard, give MUFF a little support! Only joshing, in part…hehe…



  3. Oh, thank god for that. You’re just venting. And I thought you were ranting.

  4. richard777 said

    I do both for the same price.

  5. Jake said

    Hey – this is the actual Jake Wilson in those pictures. I fought hard to get those offline and now they just popped up here 😦

    Can you please remove them? Thank you.

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