Uncut “15 seconds” Interview from If magazine

July 29, 2009

I was interviewed by Simon De Bruyn of If Magazine for their section “15 seconds” recently. Here is the uncut text of the interview, too long, or controversial, to publish. Enjoy! Thanks to Simon for being a MUFF supporting guy at IF.

1. The biggest issue facing the Australian film industry is…
Becoming relevant, becoming more financially viable in its returns, overthrowing and replacing some of the tried and worn out people currently running it, recognising new young talent, halting giving most of the funding money to failures (some from 20 years ago), enacting a new low budget fund to make 10 to 20 new half million to a million dollar Indy features each year – selected from the best talent from all fests including MUFF, SUFF and Revelation, fostering the new wave of Ozploitation by further pursuing edgy genre filmmaking, stop making  so many political correct and mandated Aussie content movies (…that no one really wants to see anyway!) that are better suited as Sunday afternoon ABC TV movies (Black Balloon, Somersault, Esther Blue Burger, September, My Year Without Sex, etc.)…
2. Favourite film of all time:
Impossible, I love to many, it’s a religion with me…see MUFF, or my blog Idea Fix …recent recommended viewing of old and new Huston’s Wise Blood, Martyrs, Bret Ellis’ The Informers (directed by Gregor Jordan), Wings Hauser in Vice Squad, Ellie Parker with Naomi Watts, Atomised – Michel Houellebecq adaptation, Baader Meinhof Complex.
3. Classics I would like to remake:
I don’t like remakes. At a push Salo (- De Sade’s novel The 120 days of Sodom) or American Psycho, to do it properly…
4. Biggest break:
Starting MUFF and discovering so much talent we have in Australia. How did MUFF end up being the first fest in the world playing the films of James Wan, Greg McClean, The Speirig Brothers, Scott Ryan, Steven Kastrissios, Stuart Simpson, Kel Dolen, David Nerlish and Andrew Traucki? We did it by simply looking for talent regardless of budget and having a welcoming attitude to genre and daring filmmaker that sometimes included violence, sexuality and controversy.  And there are many more where those names above came from. I think this is a real achievement that MUFF has helped foster an alternative voice and vision in the Australian Film Industry, against the odds and dull mediocrity of the mainstream local Industry…
5. Biggest mistake
Some would say the David Irving attempted screening. But I’m proud to have fought for unpopular speech… and am even more proud of MUFF’s uncompromising anti-censorship platform. Censorship is a most onerous and insulting practice to any intelligent and cultured human being.
6. Worst filmmaking experience:
Seeing our film industry controlled by a group of selfish and short sighted mandarins dolling out the majority of Film Finance funding to a bunch of sycophantic and at best untalented TV directors. Being hated sometimes for simply standing up and speaking out, from a love of our film industry, about the real lack of diversity in subject matter, innovation and film style to be seen on display in our national cinema. Being sick and tired of seeing its resources and potential abused by incompetents and dilettantes…etc., I could on, and on…
7. If a film about your life were made, who would play you?
Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Brooker or Colin Firth.
8. If money were no object, what would your next film be?
A project I have had in my head since I was a kid…a kind of post apocalyptic Mad Max type of thing…that is quite different, aggressive and original I dare say …but it seems we don’t really make those kind of films anymore in this country? And you wonder, why the fuck not?
9. Unsung Aussie film hero/heroine:
Jon Hewitt, Antony I Ginnane, Frank Howson, Jamie Leonander, Mark Savage, most of the more talented MUFF discoveries.
10. If I weren’t in the film industry, I’d be:
A Dictator on a Island in the Pacific …
11. I’d spend my last $20 on:

One Response to “Uncut “15 seconds” Interview from If magazine”

  1. Re: #1, I agree with your opinion on every one of those titles, namely: Black Balloon, Somersault, Esther Blue Burger, September, My Year Without Sex.

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