And then there was Uganda

June 25, 2009

Sorry if Idea Fix has been a little spare in recent weeks. Been busy as a lizard drinking putting togerher MUFF 10’s Poster and catalogue and prepping a two week trip early July to Uganda.

Yes, Richard Wolstencroft is going into Africa. And I’m told I will have net access, so stand by for a travel diary here at Idea Fix.

I am shooting a documentary, more on this later, and this will be a unique experience for me. I have had my vac shots, I have got my anti malarials and I’m ready to journey into the heart of the mysterious and at times dangerous continent of Africa. Uganda has always fascinated me since I idealized Idi Amin as a child. Here was a strong black leader standing up to the West. There was something wonderful about that. I found Amin a charismatic and fascinating media presence. I knew nothing of the atrocities until I grew older, but Uganda’s past will hopefully find its way into this new project.

More details on all this later…

Until then a map of Uganda to look at. Former homeland of aforementioned Idi Amin and location for conflict in the past 20 years between the democratic current government of Museveni and The Lords Resistance Army in the North lead by Joseph Kony. We land at Entebbe airport in under two weeks.

I will put MUFF in place before I go… and then away we go! Oh, I will write my directors statement for MUFF X from Uganda, so that’s bound to be a treat…

I welcome any thoughts and advice on travel to Uganda and Africa. Cheers RW


One Response to “And then there was Uganda”

  1. Declan O'Gallagher said

    Bon voyage mes ami tiens c’est sa dans votre exçurcion!

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