IKEA fascism

June 6, 2009

…I’m was a bit of a handy man today…I assembled a new book shelf from IKEA to hold some more books that are piling up…and I remembered the IKEA founder was a fascist, so I looked it all up on the net…

Interesting tidbit: Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder, was a former Swedish fascist sympathizer, party member of the pro-Nazi New Swedish Movement (Nysvenska Rörelsen) and corresponded with its leader Per Engdahl enthusiastically. He writes about his political committment in the 40’s in his autobiography “Leading By Design: The IKEA Story”. Naughty Ol’ Ingvar’s fascist leanings show in the ordered structure of an IKEA store, and its futurist/modernist ‘designer furniture for all’ weltanschauung, they have also cornered the market in a blitzkrieg of Swedish ingenuity. Ingvar is a transcendental fascist too, as he has stores in Israel and the Middle East raking in the $ for his special cause. Here’s a fun article on IKEA and fascism here and a wiki on Ingvar here. He is one of the world’s richest men, in fact, maybe the richest…. The totalitarian aspects and nature of IKEA was noticed and commented on in Fight Club, both the book and the film. I like IKEA, all things considered. Though you need to only use its furniture only for your basics at home and use Indy designers for the rest of the house, to give it a more personal flavour. Oh and I dig the Swedish names of IKEA products, too…’flark’ you all!

Here’s a pic of Ingy baby!


3 Responses to “IKEA fascism”

  1. Rups said

    I’m not often one for conspiracy codes but knowing that the name IKEA comes from several references to Ingvar it also does however extract neatly from Kaiser, and the left-over RS or SR?

    Well, if you know your designs you might be aware of RS Prussia which was a porcelain mold of almost Baroque quality. Which would for a man like Ingvar who seemed to love ulterior and metaphorical symbolism. Take the naming system of IKEA furniture.

    The other way around with SR would make more sense because of the ordering of the letters, SR stands for Sveriges Radio, a Swedish broadcaster. However, back the other way around …

    Or one step further on this tract … Reichssender Saarbrücken (RS) which was a German Broadcaster under the control of Joseph Goebbels, the station, later in 1947 became Saarländischer Rundfunk (SR) … so the RS became SR.

    Kaiser Reichssender Saarbrücken … richest man (almost) in the world, in everybody’s homes (So to speak).

    Rups 🙂

  2. Rups said

    Speaking of things racial, I thought you might find this politically correct muck up amusing …

    No Asians.

  3. richard777 said

    That’s a classic clip!

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