Bill Killed…by jerking off in a closet.

June 5, 2009

ArcLight Cinerama Dome

David Carradine hung himself jerking off via auto asphyxiation in a Thai hotel. Who knew all Uma Thurman had to do was give Bill a length of rope and closet and she’d have no need to Kill Bill.

In all honesty though, he will be missed! He was great in Kill Bill 1 when you hardly saw him and just heard that voice. But the family bull at the end of KIll Bill 2 was a bit of a let down compared with the rest of the film. I’d like to see both films cut together though as QT has long promised…

DC was a great actor, love that Kung-Fu show, and its good he enjoyed his comeback before going out doing what he loved…acting, and wanking that is.

3 Responses to “Bill Killed…by jerking off in a closet.”

  1. Racy said

    David Carradine was awesome, I loved the Kung-Fu show when I was a kid.

  2. Ivan V said

    This time…..the chicken choked back!

  3. Ivan V said

    …..or….now reports are saying he had his hands tied behind his back, pretty difficult to do that to yourself…

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