Susan being boiled

June 2, 2009


I am so over this Susan Boyle bullshit. First of all she was a completely manufactured and calculated set up of that woeful UK variety show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. The show’s producers knew she could sing, and so did the judges. And they deliberately made her look like a total tosser before she sung, so as to surprise and shock a nation…then OK, she could sing. But, big deal, a fat ugly lady who could sing? Has the audience of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ not heard of Opera? Actually I’d say not. Anyway, every gormless and witless lemming out there in internet and TV land took Boyle to his or her heart, as the fat ugly loser who could!

…and doesn’t her face simply annoy you, as it does me? It looks to be face of pure stupidity…

Anyway, all was going well for an empty societal signifier of success ‘from out of nowhere’ to give the wretched and hopeless a reason to exist. Later day Capitalism throws up these tidbits often, for our supposed delectation. But it turned out Boyle was a bit mental…actually mildly retarded, due a problem in birth. The Britain’s Got Talent cunts, best exemplified by that scumbag weasel Simon Cowell, then got scared of her being able to do all the media rounds and public relations, etc., so they awarded the number one prize to a shit house bunch of dancing prats called, of all things, “Diversity”. Boyle then, of course, has a mental breakdown… and now Gordon Brown is calling to make sure she is OK, and to help his woeful poll figures.

Its all like a skit from Little Britain really, isnt it? Which in some senses it is…

Ahh, Britannia how far you have fallen? You once ruled the world, her seas and an Empire the envy of the world. Now you have your former Colony treating you like a bitch, a capital known more and more as Londonistan, societal and cultural failure like no other European nation… and now Susan Boyle. As Morrissey once said, “Viva Hate”…

3 Responses to “Susan being boiled”

  1. touting les dawson in a dress as something newsworthy is about as much culture as the mind numbed and scared people of albion can manage at the moment.
    blake, shakespeare and byron must be holding their heads in shame …
    our government’s collapsing through their own greed and is up shitecreek without even a twig.
    no wonder i live in france …(full of bearded idealistic commie’s who still think having a rail strike every couple of month’s will inspire the general populace to revolution, they should enforce a law taking away the right to an aperitif, now that would fucking work …)

  2. … Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses

    :Juvenal, Satire X

  3. Rups said

    …and meanwhile the Welsh Casanova Clive Worthalot has to pitch his publicity tent on YoutTube.

    This shows that the mass media is always tainted, Clive should have shocked the United Kingdom, teenagers should all be wearing t-shirts and cut-out masks of Clive … I mean having sex with 100,000 women is an achievement not singing an Andrew Loyd-Webber song.

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