Fischerspooner and Fascism

May 28, 2009

I think this is the official video for a Fischerspponer song, “Happy”. It makes a link between electro, industrial and dance music being inherehtly fascist. The thought has more than occurred to me over the years. Slave to the Rythm, the Domination of the beat, the crash of the anvil at the night club school, etc.

Here is quote from whoever posted the “Happy” clip on You Tube:

“Electronic-Disco rhythm, as a regular repetition, is the purest, the most radical form of the militantly organised rhythmicity of technicist production, and as such the most appropriate means of media manipulation. As an archetypal structural basis of the collective unconscious in a worker mass, it stimulates automatic mechanisms and shapes industrialisation of consciousness, which is necessary in the logic of massive, totalitarian production…”

I agree… and say dance, dance, dance…to the fascist groove thang…

Enjoy the Clip! The new Fischerspooner CD “Entertainment” is out and great by the way. I picked it up in Salt Lake City and bopped all around Mormon town vibing on its cool electro veneer while looking at the legacy of Jospeh Smith and Brigham Young. ‘Infidels of the world Unite’… and remember ‘living well is the best revenge’…

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